Last week

Lovely dessert in a Greek restaurant

Last week it was my other half’s turn to add a digit to his age. He did not want to much fuss made of it, so I started the day by waking him a muffin and presents in bed before we both hasted off to work. After work we went to eat Greek food in a restaurant that newly opened nearby, this way we could dream we were back on holiday in Crete. I was very happy with the food and so it seemed was the birthday boy. Afterwards we payed a short visit to the Irish pub next door to the restaurant.

Suitable drinks in the Irish pub

On Thursday I was having tea with a few friends that I had not seen in a while. We had a very enjoyable evening with a lot of laughs and good chats.

Friday my mother had invited us and a few others for tacos. So we got good company, good food and nice wine. At the end of the evening I nearly fell asleep, so the chance of sleeping in a bit the next morning was very needed.

A nice evening walk by the sea

Saturday started slow, before I had to do some work. In the evening it was out again for a few pints and food. This was about my limit of socializing for the week, because even if I enjoyed meeting all the people spending time with them, I do need some time for myself as well.  Sunday was a very lazy day, and it ended with a nice movie night in the house.

How was your week?

18 thoughts on “Last week

  1. Sounds a good time. Nice and varied, with some relaxation.
    I have all this week off work which was so much needed.
    My break started though from the weekend, by meeting a friend in Newark, a lazy day Sunday with dvd’s.
    Yesterday I stayed local, walking about town before coming home for the rest of the day.
    Today, a lazy day of dvd’s.
    Tomorrow morning I will join in my local conservation group on their bird survey, then I will head straight back home, or have lunch somewhere I pass before I do. I hope to sell my fold up bed later that day and in between, just a couple of small jobs in the home.
    Rest of the week, not sure, but I hope to have a walk round Sherwood Forest by the weekend.

    1. Sounds like a varied week for you as well, some time off work is really good from time to time! Both for the body and mind. Walking around the Sherwood Forest sounds really enjoyable. Best of luck on selling the fold up bed!

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