Town center of Tuam

The small town of Tuam in Ireland, is some times called the fastest town in Ireland as a joke. If you pronounce it the right way it sounds like a car driving by fast. The town has two big Cathedrals, but only around six thousand people.

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Tuam is on the West coast of Ireland, in County Galway and not to far from the City of Galway. It has many cosy pubs that is very nice to take a round to visit. Sadly there are a few shops and pubs that are closing down, but there is still quite a lot of people visiting the charming town center. I hope they can reverse the trend of shops having to close down and some newcomers seems to be doing OK.


Spent Halloween in Tuam, I loved this decoration

The weather on the West coast was not as nice as the weather I got in the South of the country, but this time the rain started in the morning in Dun Laohaire, and there was not a sudden start of the rain as the car crossed the river Shannon to the west.

Pub ready for Halloween

This time around we got a lot of our friends out for a pub round, so we got to meet up and catch up with a lot of people and not just the ones that we called around to for a cup of tea or the ones that called in to us. Let’s just say that visiting Ireland you need to be prepared for a large intake of tea.

Grass is still green in Ireland in November

26 thoughts on “Tuam

  1. I agree that would be a shame to lose a small town that provides so many services to the local…it’s the same issue here int he US…smaller town struggling to keep people, and draw in new folks…thanks for sharing!

    1. It is a shame. They don’t have trouble getting people to come live there, that is often the problem in small places in Norway. But it is always the case of keeping your buisness in town to keep your town in business!

      1. Yes indeed…in the US right now, mid-sized cities are the new “hot” spots to live: Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Sacramento for example…but very small towns of 5,000 or less are really struggling to survive…we have a lot of modern day “ghost towns”…I wrote about it in 2016 in explaining why Trump may have won over so many people…he was promising to “make America great again”…a lie of course but it worked…https://johnrieber.com/2016/11/12/morning-in-red-state-america-how-the-dying-towns-of-oklahoma-help-explain-election-2016/

      2. Agree…some smaller towns here are becoming “destinations” for people who want to get away from the rat race…without becoming retirement communities – close enough to the big city but far enough away…we will se how it goes, again, thanks for sharing your adventure!

  2. It looks like you get to spend a lot of time there. I hate when small shops are closed up and succumb to the big markets. We lose that closeness we so very much need. I’m not that much of a tea drinker but my daughter drinks it exclusively.

  3. Maja, very nice !
    I like it.
    So, I stay in Hospital right now and unfortunately my right arm can’t write to much. Monday, doctors staff wors on my heart and i’ll be fine (i hope) and i’ll restart to write…right now i say to you have a lovely GREAT week end and…nice to meet you, obviously

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