Handwriting Update


I thought this might be a good time to share an update in the handwriting project that I told you about in a post a few weeks back.


Since I started writing more with pen and paper a while ago I have kept up with it by writing in them a little bit a few times a week. I can’t say that my handwriting is now pretty, but it’s back to the standard it had when I was doing a lot of writing by hand and the troubles I had with my hand cramping up is very much improved. I think that it has to do with a combination of getting back to a better way of holding the pen and due to getting some of the neglected muscles in my fingers being retrained.

As a result of this little project I have also somewhat reduced the time spent in front of a screen. It is still a scary amount of hours a week, but any small reduction helps. I I have mostly been using notebooks that are small enough to fin in my pocket, so I have been able to bring them everywhere so I can jott down an idea when it enters my head. I have found this very handy when I have gone a nice cup of coffee in a cafe , just writing watching the world go by is much nicer then always my head stuck in the screen of my mobile phone.

Since I started my little project in October I have filled my first notebook and a few others. This has also meant that part from a few little books that I had lying around I will also get to go shop for some nice notebooks and pens. Doing this always makes me quite happy. They don’t need to be very fancy or a particular brand, if I find one I like the look of it puts a smile on my face. Who says money can’t buy happiness? But if I just buy them and don’t use them the happiness is replaced by a guilty conscience. So the feeling of getting a new book because the one you are using is nearing it’s end is what you want. I’m not sure if it is better or just as good as the feeling of filling the last page of your new one. None of these feelings is something I get when I do my writing on a screen. All these small pleasures in sum is helping my life just a little bit better and every day a little bit brighter and every smile makes a day a little bit brighter and that, surely, must be a good goal in life.

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