Indulgence Weekend

This weekend has been very nice. As I have posted Friday came with bowling, beer and burgers with colleagues. So Saturday I had a slow start and after doing some light household work and a little walk, I went back to enjoying some podcasts and reading blogs. I did not bother to cook so I ordered a pizza that I enjoyed when I watched a few films on Netflix. The movies was light and fluffy and just what I wanted after the week I had. I started with Crazy Rich Asians and then I went on to Let it snow. Two easily digestible romantic comedies that I quite enjoyed. Then it was early to bed. So I mostly moved from bed to sofa to bed and back. Wonderful weekend indulgence!

Sunday started with a lovely breakfast, before I had to do a few hours of work. Then it was time for a short walk before going to a birthday party. The party was nice, good food, lovely cakes and a happy birthday boy with many things crossed of his wish list. We even got a music show from both the kids in the house. It is a really nice to get to visit the kids to be a part of their lives as they grow up and to be around family. Now it is time for more blogs, podcasts and maybe some more Netflix. If I don’t suddenly get the sudden urge to tackle my messy house.

How about you? How was your weekend? Did it turn out the way you planned it?

15 thoughts on “Indulgence Weekend

  1. I love Lazy weekends at home. I did some painting this weekend and visited an aunt.I also watched some silly movie about a giant bug that was attacking people. It was regular over the air television. Then I watched a British baking show on Netflix, the Christmas edition.

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