Grateful and good news

First off my hip is a lot better today! I am really happy that I am so much improved today. Tomorrow it will probably be gone or as close to as it gets. I have been moving more today and will do the stretching exercises to make sure that it doesn’t go back to being bad. All in all I need to do more of this to keep my body from falling apart when I have a job that keeps my arse on a chair for most of the day. Thank you all for your kind words of comfort and good advice, it was all greatly appreciated and made me feel better on a day when I was feeling down. The community here in the blogosphere is amazing when it comes to lifting the spirits. With my hip improving so did my mood and today I have been smiling a lot more than I was yesterday.  I have heard from both colleagues and my other half that they, for some strange reason, like me better when I am not too moody.


In other news I have said yes to join one of the bands I have played with previously for the Norwegian Brass Band Championship next year. As I have not played in a while I will have to start rehearsing soon to be sure I can do it. But I do miss playing so I really look forward to trying again. I stopped playing because it all got too busy, so joining for one project will show me if I have time for it now.  So I am looking forward to February and I am excited to see how the lead up will go. We are going to play a piece that I have played before back when I was 16, so it will be nostalgic in more ways than one.


27 thoughts on “Grateful and good news

    1. That is so cool. I will be playing with a band called Gjesdal Brass Band this year. I have played with them before as well. They are down in 4th division this Year, but it should be good fun.

  1. Wooohooo! Brilliant news on both the improved hip & joining the band, that’s definitely something to look forward to. I hope your hip continues to ease, it’s a hard balance with things like that between movement and rest. Beautiful flowers!!
    Caz xxxx

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