Long day at the office

Lovey chicken bao and salmon bao

Yesterday I had to work a little later than usual and the other half had something to to in town where I work. So to make sure we got to spend some time together doing something nice in the week, we met up and went to a place with amazing baos (and other nice food, but I love the baos) called Yips. I think important to find the time to do something nice together even in a busy week. And good food is always good to lift the spirit and tummy.

A long time since I played

Today I had to stay even longer at work and when I got home I had to start rehearsing for playing with the band again. So now I am done with both and can conclude that there is much practice still needed before I am ready to play when there is other people around. I enjoyed to play, but my form is terrible. But it can only get better from here. Luckily the competition is a few months away, so I will have time to prepare on my own and with the band. Tomorrow I won’t have to work late so that will be something.

Soon the weekend will be here and I don’t have much planned, except a nice social arrangement. So I will do a lot of relaxing. How about you? Do you have much planned for the weekend or are you lazy after a long week like me?

15 thoughts on “Long day at the office

  1. Chef David Chang is known for his Netflix TV series about food and travel, but his restaurants in New York under the Momofuku name include a pork bao with pork belly, hoisin sauce and a slice of cuccumber and they are incredible! Your look terrific, especially salmon!

  2. Saturday I want to do something nice, but I don’t know what.

    Sunday, I was originally going to look round the Christmas market in my local town. Bht seeing the Christmas decorations up and everything else associated with Christmas that I am having my doubts whether to do this or not.

    Over the course of the weekend, I will be watching a few dvd’s.

    1. You have all of tomorrow to find something for Satturday or you can see what the weekend holds weather wise.
      I think I might be watching a few movies myself, that sounds nice.

      1. More likely on the day, as you say, I probably make my mind up by.
        Movies, with my feet up under a blanket.
        Enjoy your weekend.

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