Weekend has arrived

Calm sea at winter

Weekend has finally arrived after a long busy week at work. The next weeks will not be any calmer, but for now I will enjoy my time off. Today we will order take away and find a film to watch and maybe open a nice bottle of red wine. I have already installed myself on the sofa, did my best to clear my head of all the things of the week so that I can meet this weekend with an empty head and just focus on relaxing.  The weekend is all mine and I am the only one that can make sure that I get what I want and need from it.

Hope the weekend brings you all the things you want from it. One of the things that I am looking forward to is waking up tomorrow getting a cup of coffee and enjoying your blog posts. Enjoy and make the weekend yours.

18 thoughts on “Weekend has arrived

  1. My morning ritual always involves a few cups of coffee…stimulates the brain while I look at what has been posted by others…ending the day with a nice bottle of red wine is also perfect…and with awards season underway in Hollywood, I have been getting screeners of all of the big movies, so we plan to watch a few over the weekend so we can stay ahead of the upcoming onslaught!

  2. Enjoy your weekend.
    The sea looks lovely and calm in that photo. I couldn’t help but stare at the photo and feel calmness from it.

    I am spending about half a day with my neighbour tomorrow. We shall walk round to his parents and have an hour there before going for a walk, calling at a cafe on the park for a cuppa, then calling in the chippy on the way home and a natter back in my flat.

    I then hope to get a film in, or two after.

    Sunday will be a dvd day from the afternoon.

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