Written November

My writing month is now coming to an end and I have managed to do what I set out to and posted every day. I might not have been able to write as much some days as I had hoped, but that is just the way it goes when life happens. But I am very happy with managing to put a post out every day for a full month.

Those of you that have been following me this month will also know that I have a project going with handwriting and trying to maintain the skill of being able to write something that I can read afterwards. I have to say that since starting this in October I did very good the first four weeks, but as things have become busier the last few weeks I have not been able to do as much as I had hoped. But I am still doing a little bit of it and I can still read what I write and that was the goal of the little project. And if I had not started it I would not have done so much writing as I did once I set my goal.

Thank you for joining me in my challenge, I will still be posting in December but less frequently than I have in November. Enjoy your Christmas month and may all your days be merry and bright.

Now it is time to enjoy The Holiday on Netflix, chill back and let the holiday spirit roll in.

20 thoughts on “Written November

  1. Two comments: first, it was great to see a post from you every day – you shared a wide variety of interesting stories and pictures….second, while my wife and I love “The Holiday”, it’s a bit of a shame that they tried to make Jack Black a romantic lead…as nice a guy as he is, it’s not really his forte…

      1. And you as well! We watched “IT: Chapter Two” and “Blinded By The Light” this weekend….if you liked the first “IT” then this is way way more of the same and “Blinded” is a unique little film!

  2. If they moved the challenge to January or February,, I’d have time but not in Nov/Dec. I don’t start to breathe again until the day after Christmas. Lots of gifts to get made. 😉 Congrats on sticking to your goal. That’s quite the accomplishment.

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