Movie night

This evening I was going to meet up with a good friend and we were going to the movies to watch, what is hopefully a very cheesy Christmas movie. It would have been a very lovely way to end the work week, and as I have to go in to work over the weekend, it is better than going out for drinks. Christmas movie, popcorn and other snacks is a very good way to unplug from the work week and a good way to mark the start of the Holiday season.

Sadly her husbond got a sudden bad tooth infection and she has to stay home with the kid. So now I am going to go to her instead and we might catch a movie there instead. Or just chat. I will make sure we have some snacks and stuff and we can chill there. It won’t be what we planned, but it can be nice as well.

So now I have a short list for Black Friday to finish off before navigating the logistical challenge to get to her and back.

Happy weekend to you all!

15 thoughts on “Movie night

  1. Staying home is often just as wonderful as going out! And from a single mom- a friend who is willing to adjust going out plans is like gold! You’re a wonderful friend!!

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