End of the year

A little walk in the sunshine, water icing over slightly

Christmas is coming to an end and for me it has been a good one. I have gotten to see a lot of family and friends and eaten way too much good food. There has been plenty of Christmas parties and gatherings with all the traditions been kept up. It seems I have been quite good this year because Santa brought me loads of nice things and most people was very happy with the presents I got for them. I did not take too many photos of the first few Christmas parties, I was too busy enjoying myself and being present in the moment.

Out for a nice meal

Yesterday my other halfΒ  and me had a date night with lovely food, again, and then we went to watch the new Star Wars movie. It was a very enjoyable night and very nice to spend some time together after spending Christmas with our families in separate countries. I always enjoy going to the movies around Christmas and Star Wars is always good entertainment.

Ice rink set up in town center

The weather has been very varying lately, but some days has been cold and crisp, and I did get a few small walks in, but apart fro that, when I have not been preparing parties or attending them I have not been doing much. Boxing day for instance was spent watching football on the TV and eating pizza. After a nice Christmas brunch at my mothers house and two days of partying it was quite nice to do as little as possible, before a new party the next day.

Going to the movies to watch the new Star Wars movie

Today we visited friends who has three small children, and we were served a wonderful roast beef, with lovely trimmings. So needless to say, there has been some calories in my closet sewing in all my clothes so that they are quite a lot tighter. I will have to do some healthy eating and exercising over the new year so that I can keep my health and be able to move about.

Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, Brussels sprouts with bacon and potatoes cooked in goose fat.Β Β 

Hope you all have had a good Christmas and that you have eaten too much of nice food.

15 thoughts on “End of the year

  1. Aside from cats thrashing around through the wrapping paper digging for catnip toys, it was another very quiet Christmas for me. After New Year I will take down the Christmas deco. Yes, I too ate too much of many things I should avoid and I don’t need a weigh-scale to tell me that! Nice you have so much family and so many friends. They are a blessing.

    1. They really are. I can only imagine the cats trying to get to all the ornaments. New Years will be a quiet one here, just the way I like it. Hope 2020 will be a good Year for you and yours!

  2. Oh to be young again. Glad you had such a wonderful holiday and wishing you a wonderful New Year also. More parties and tighter clothes. Mine are tight all year long. Time for me to stop celebrating so many things, I guess.

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