New trip to Oslo

Aker brygge with a view of the Astrup Fernley museum

I had a good trip to Oslo this week for the final bit of the hand over. I got there on Sunday evening in time to see the Norwegian men’s team in handball beat the Swedish team and send them out of the competition. After the game I went up to my room to watch some tv in bed and try to be as fresh as possible for work next day.

Akershus festning seen from Aker brygge

It was a productive day and this time we left work before the daylight was entirely gone, so I took the opportunity to go for a walk to get some fresh air and clear my head.

The Royal Norwegian Castle

After the walk I went to get a curry with my brother. We had a lovely meal and a good time catching up. I didn’t get the chance to meet up with him the last time I was over so it was good to be able to this time around.

Enjoying a nice butter chicken

During the day one of the parties in the government withdrew from governing with the others so there was plenty of news to catch up on on the TV as I got back to the hotel. So I spent the last bit of the evening in bed this night as well. Good thing that the hotel had good beds even if the rooms are very small.

Ice skating rink with a view of the Norwegian Parliament

Today started bright and early and as it was the last day in the office for the person we got the hand over from it was filled with a lot of different little things. We got to the airport with a little time to spare and got a coffee and had a debrief.

Norwegian National Theater

Now I am home and it’s time to spend some time with the other half and some time with the blog before going to bed. And then back to work tomorrow morning to try to implement some of the things I have learned.

Bislett stadion, home of the Bislett Games

27 thoughts on “New trip to Oslo

  1. I have never been to Oslo in winter. I would have expected some snow (we have a meter on the ground in some places), so thanks for the vinterutsikt!

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