Time of the Corona

Hi all,

Hope things are as good as possible in these strange times. I am currently working from home and generally keeping to myself in line with the advice of the Heath authorities. I am not quarantined and do not have any symptoms. And have been able to go out for a walk a day without being too close to all other people.

My home office

My thoughts go out to those who are in the at risk group or are affecred by the virus. And to all the people doing a good job with working on trying to keep things going in the times we have. I am calling my grandfather and my mother more than usuall and keeping them close if not physical.

Stay safe and when you can, stay home and away from others. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Oh, and happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all.

29 thoughts on “Time of the Corona

  1. Hope all is well with you. We are visiting our kids in Vancouver and will be driving 1200 km home tomorrow in a rental car rather than going through an airport. Hope to be home Thursday. Happy St. Paddy’s Day. Allan

  2. Still going to work, but we are not physically close to each other or customers and we are taking disinfectant precautions. That we are in a rural area doesn’t hurt, either. Still, everyone is being cautious. We will weather this with patience and caring about each other.

  3. Good to see you are working from home as is my daughter. She sits in her bed with the laptop and a huge monitor and 2 phones. She loves working from home. I’m not thrilled with not being able to go places and see people. All my sewing groups canceled since we are all older and at risk.I do go for my walks each day and this evening it was light long enough for my daughter to take a walk with me. It’s good that you are keeping in remote touch with your family members. I guarantee it means a lot to them. Keep staying well.

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