Good weekends

The weekend before last I did not have too many plans and that suited me just fine. Friday evening I relaxed on the couch. This is something I decided to continue with on Saturday after making sure that my home looked tidy and clean enough.

Both on Saturday and Sunday afternoon we went to the local Irish pub to watch rugby. On Saturday we went for a curry afterwards and on Sunday we ended up in a Greek resturant.

Important to drink well when you’re watching rugby

Sunday morning I went with my mother to check that all was ok at the summer-house. This was the first time we tried driving the new under-sea tunnel that they recently opened for traffic.

The week went on without any big events. And then it was time for weekend again. This time I went to my mother for dinner on friday. Went out to lunch with a good friend and her newboorn before I went to dinner at my aunts house for a leap year dinner with my cousins and their kids and did nothing at all on Sunday.

Hope you’re all doing fine.

21 thoughts on “Good weekends

      1. News from Alaska: Thomas Waerner, a 46-year-old Norwegian, has claimed his first Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race victory. In winning, Waerner becomes the third Norwegian to claim the crown. He joins Joar Leifseth Ulsom, who won in 2018, and Robert Sorlie, who won in 2003 and 2005.
        Cheers to my Norway ancestors.

  1. Being in the highest risk category for the virus, I am voluntarily hiding out in my house with the cats, streaming movies and tv shows and doing this. I had trouble ordering the cats’ favorite wet canned food on line as it was all out of stock. I tried a few places. However, the more expensive brands of cat food which are on their like list, were available and a big box is on it’s way. I am pretty well off for food for the near future as I still had my “zombie apocalypse” and “alien invasion” supplies on hand. One should always be prepared for the unexpected. I got someone to go out and get my groceries and medicine so no worries–I hope! Actually I updated this computer today and it went haywire and I took three hours to get it to work again. I am afraid to turn it off! Stay safe!

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