What do do when not socializing

Found my coloring book and started coloring

In these days when we are staying home to keep each other safe I am doing a few things that I don’t normally do enough of. One of the things I did when I logged of my home office the other day was to go to find a coloring book that I bought on one of my travels. I was going to try coloring when I got this a few years ago, but I never got around to trying it. I used to love coloring in as a child and have now discovered that I still enjoy it. With this book I can travel even if we are not allowed to travel for a while.

Made banana and oat pancakes

Normally I eat lunch at my work and don’t need a big dinner when I get home. Now I have to make all the meals myself and as we are advised to not go to the shop to often, I have tried making a few different things. Today I had a few bananas that were about to turn brown, so I decided to make a few banana pancakes. I put in bananas, oatmeal, egg, a drop of honey and a splash of milk. They turned out quite nice if I must say so myself.

Went for a long walk in the sunshine

One of the things that we are encouraged to continue doing is to go outside and go for walks, as long as we don’t walk near others and keep at least one meter distance for the people you see. We have a lot of areas that we can walk and there is plenty of space for all of us. As the sun was shining today we went for a good long walk after work and enjoyed some fresh air.

Hope you are all staying safe too.

23 thoughts on “What do do when not socializing

  1. Those pancakes look really delicious, M.
    And enjoy your colouring – there’s something special about colour, very relaxing!

  2. I used to love coloring, too! My neighborhood’s not that good for walking. We don’t have sidewalks and there’s an obnoxious Johnny-Come-Lately dog that seems to think he owns it when you walk past his fence and is always running off at the face.

    Happy solitude to you.

      1. Yes, I walked by once when he was in the back yard, lol. And I can walk the other way, I guess. But it’s kind of a cul-de-sac so there’s only one way out.

        You stay safe as well.

  3. The pancakes look yummy! I have no bananas and can’t go get any so I’ll have to make do with banana bread from the freezer. I have soooo much to keep me busy including garden work, blog reading and lots and lots of sewing. Walking outside is extra special now. I hate being trapped at home but at least I have my daughter working from home as well as most of her office mates. Hang in there and hope it’s all over before your coloring book is finished. 😉

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