Corona Weekend

Dafodils in my garden (before I started weeding)

This weekend, I have mostly stayed at home, as advised. But Saturday the weather was lovely so I went for quite a long walk and afterwards I decided it was time to start making the garden a ready for spring. My garden is not very big, but there always seem to be a lot I should have done and now I have made a little start. It is still very cold so I did not do too much, but a start is a start. After I got a bit cold I went in and heated up by making some dinner and we had a few of our home brewed IPA beers. Then it was time to chill on the couch by watching something light and fluffy on TV.

Important to enjoy some nice beer

Sunday I was very lazy, very lazy indeed. Apart from a little walk to clear the head, I spent most the day on the couch. It was quite nice and felt like an indulgence, but if there was ever a time to take an indulgence like this, it is now.

Today I was back working at the home office, and then went for a walk after to get some fresh air. Today was not so nice, weatherwise, as Saturday, the wind has decided to rage a bit. I do miss my walks back and home from the office. But I will be back there next week.

I am very grateful that I am safe and I hope you are too! What have you been up to this weekend?

47 thoughts on “Corona Weekend

  1. My wife and I took a walk to the top of Beverly Hills and got a gorgeous view of Los Angeles…the air is very clear here as most cars are off the road! Making food, staying home except to shop, and being patient so the experts can work to get us through this!

  2. Please be safe Mas. Being old I am at home, hoping and praying that I can get something to eat and drink soon as I’ve run out of bread, eggs etc…

  3. I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied by walking too! Unfortunately it’s been raining the past few days so I can’t go as much. Apart from that, I’ve managed to add in some reading, baking, and deep cleaning of my room haha! 🙂

  4. I love the daffodils! I need to go out in our backyard and look at the ones that are blooming right now. They are the mini ones and I can’t see them from the house. It was raining all day today so tomorrow I will go. Not a lot going on here – just staying home, like everyone else.

  5. I like all of it except IPA. I love craft beer, but those with over-the-top hops just don’t work for me. I’m more inclined to have something black and malty these days.

    1. I enjoy the hoppy beers. At home I don’t usually drink the Black and malty, but I enjoy them in the pub. But that is off the table at the moment. Hope you are staying safe

  6. Yes, at least I can get out for walks. Still working but practicing care, cleaning, and distance. It keeps snowing here, but at least it melts in a day or two now. It should all be gone in a few more weeks.

  7. Springtime in the garden is always a little cold. I got a little done last week but we are having lots of rain this week. Getting out for walks is the best thing you can do. I’m surprised you only have to work from home one week. We do not know when the isolation will end here. I’m ready too to get back to normal if it ever comes. Making your own beer sounds like fun though when you get to drink it. 🙂

    1. I will be working from home 2 weeks and then we rotate between the groups at work so the ones at the office now will be home for 2 weeks and then we swap. Walks are good for body and mind. Hope the rain you have will stop soon. I did not make the beer, my other half and a friend did. But I do get to drink it!

  8. My daffodils are spent. The greens are still there but the flowers have been gone for about a week. I miss them. Oh, that’s a beautiful, murky beer…even though I don’t enjoy IPA’s.

    Stay strong!

  9. It’s nice to know that others are doing the same thing, walking through gardens and drinking IPA!

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