Easter time

Easter bunny has come out of hiding

Happy Easter from me. Even if I can not go all the places I had planned I can still enjoy Easter at my house. I have replaced going to the summer-house and Ireland with good books, candy, wine and food at home. I will keep on social distancing, but am trying to organize a safe handover of some Easter candy, games and a kids quiz book to my cousin and her family. I managed to get a self care one to my mother, who really deserved some hand wash, hand cream, face mask and chocolate this Easter. I was lucky enough to get some fancy Easter candy from work.

The weather has decided to go from warm and sunny to windy and snowy, but it is looking to take a turn from the better. Hopefully it will go from winter to spring again, so I can do a bit of gardening. And spend some time outside in the fresh air.

Happy Easter to you all, stay healthy and stay safe!

47 thoughts on “Easter time

  1. We had the discussion last night whether we would even be able to shop for our usual Easter treats. This remains to be seen. Hope you can arrange your safe handover. Any little bit of normalcy helps. Stay safe. Allan

  2. I had some Easter candy here for my grandniece and grandnephew that had planned to visit. Since the visit didn’t get to happen, I’ve been eating the chocolates ;( I’m not much of a drinker alone so the sweets will have to do. My daughter’s birthday is the day after Easter here and our plans for it are out the window. Fortunately, I had cake mixes in the cupboard and will bake one for her. I have not put out anything Eastery yet but we have a week and weeds need to be pulled first. I haven’t celebrated Easter since all the kids grew up but I’m glad you still find ways to share the holiday there. Happy Easter to you and yours.

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