Pentecost weekend

This weekend started off with my other half and me walking in to town after work on Friday. The weather was really lovely and we wanted to enjoy a nice meal in the harbour. At first glance it looked like there was a lot of free spots, but when we got a closer look all the tables was taken. Due to Corona ristrictions there just is not as many tables as there normally would be. We got really lucky and arrived at a good resturant just as they where opening.

They had a lovely menu and we opted for a pan fried fresh cod and a lovely thin crusted white pizza that all went well with our cold beers. After food we went to a pub we usually go to watch rugby and enjoyed some Magners before ending the evening with cocktails at the favourit cocktail place.

We walked home in the amazing call and still warm weather. As we both had plans for the next morning we got home before 10 to make sure we would get up fresh and fit next morning.

The other half had to work the whole weekend, but I did not, so early-ish morning I got in the car and drove to our summer house. The sun was shining and the most of the day was spent working on looking less like a gohst. The sun really is a great source for energy. But don’t worry I did use sunscreen and did not get burnt.

After midday it was time for the annual meetings of the boat and summer house association. Usually they would be held earlier in the year, but it was only now it was safe to do so. Evening time was spent cooking, eating, drinking rose wine and reading a book outside. Enjoying the incredably wonderful end to the day.

Hope you are as lucky as me with your weekend.

11 thoughts on “Pentecost weekend

  1. Sounds idyllic! Our restaurants and cafes don’t open until after the weekend so I’m in that enjoyable, anticipatory phase.

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend. My daughter said we are not eating out yet as people are not done being stupid here. Take out we have done twice in the last 2 months.It looks like things are going well for you there though.

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