Weekend weather

Lego street art

Friday evening we ate food and watched some Netflix and I got some time to catch up some blog posts. Saturday morning started with some more chilling with podcasts, coffee and blog reading. I am also in a phase where the food I most want to eat is grilled cheese sandwiches so this was what I had for breakfast. The weather was a lot better than I thought is was going to be so I did not want to be indoors all day.

A lovely club sandwich

So after the lazy morning we took a walk in to town and had a little look in the little market and had a good cup of coffee there before we walked to Stavanger east, our old hunting ground. Here we sat down for some lunch and looked at the new street art that had emerged since we were there last. Sadly my phone decided to act up on me so I could not take to many photos, but I will be sure to go back soon.

Someone had decorated in front of their house

My friends has bought a new house close to where we had lunch, so we walked up to them to say hi and see how the were getting on with their renovations. It was nice to say hello, but we did not stay too long. We walked back in to town to do some shopping and enjoy a beer outside a pub. By that time it was a bit windy and some dark clouds has started to gather, so we walked home. By this time we had covered quite some distance.

Trying new and exiting beer

The evening was spent on the sofa in front of the TV again. Today is going to be a chilled day, for the most part, but it is very necessary to catch up on the household work. If the weather improve I will start preparing for getting a new fence and trim the hedges.

Hope you are all doing well.

15 thoughts on “Weekend weather

  1. Love this! Seems like you enjoyed your time! It was so nice to read, very light… super nice on the eyes…

  2. I would try that “beer”, but I don’t expect it tastes anything like actual beer. I like the Lego art. Hope they do more.

  3. It’s been miserable here this week, grey skies, cool and windy, but only ome short shower until today, when we have at least had some decent rain.
    I don’t mnd the weather being dull, but when the garden desperately needs water and the rain still doesn’t come it’s frustrating.
    It’s supposed to get better by tomorrow morning, so we hope to get out out to take a drive and a walk. Been cooped up for a week working from home, it’s time to get some fresh air.

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