Warm, summery and a little rain

This has been an eventful weekend for me. Friday after work I visited a good friend. We have had quite warm weather so we sat outside and enjoyed her lovely view until the rain came down and we moved inside.

Saturday I got up a bit early to enjoy a good breakfast. And then we went to help some friends move house. It was a lovely and warm day and the company was good. Apart from me deciding that falling down some stairs with an arm chair it was very nice. When I got home we had some food and spent the evening in our garden.

Sunday came with even better weather and we took a day trip out to our summer house. I enjoyed the sunshine and went swimming in the ocean. And after we had a lovely bbq. It turned out that I probably spent a bit too long in the sun, so when I came home I had a slight heat stroke. I tried to cool down and slept for about 12 hours. Today I was much better, but now that I finished work I will not do much for the rest of the day as I still don’t have too much energy.

20 thoughts on “Warm, summery and a little rain

  1. Between acrobatics with an armchair and stairs, plus, heatstroke, you’re determined to take some time off work lol.
    Be sure to get some rehydrate powders from your pharmacy, Maja, it worked wonders for me in the Middle East 🤗❤️🤗

      1. I don’t think so. I have never been burnt. My british and Irish friends get burnt more often than my Norwegian ones. But I have never looked in to the matter.

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