Holiday week 3: Jørpeland, Rosehagen

No matter what language you speak you are welcome at Rosehagen

Monday of my holiday week came with a forecast of quite a bit of rain. So I drove to the small town that is not too far from our summer-house to enjoy a day of shopping.

Wonderful roses

First stop was a very good sports outlet where I got a lot of needed sports gear. I also found some nice stuff in other shops. We also got a few bis and pieces to fix a few little things when we got back to the summer-house. So When it was time to go back the car was quite packed. But our little car could hold more than I would have thought in advance so the trip home was comfortable even if we had done a lot of shopping.

The cafe and garden

After a while it was time for some food and we went yo a place close to the sea called Rosehagen (translates to “The Rose Garden”). They offer a good lunch in a very nice atmosphere and even if it was raining it was so nice and warm outside that we could sit outside under the roof and enjoy our meal.

Nice art on the wall outside

Tuesday was a bit better, weather wise and it was spent reading and relaxing by the summer-house and going for a little walk to look for some blueberries. The sun was shining quite bright in between some overcast moments so it was a good thing I remembered to put on sunscreen before sitting out for most of the day. I avoided getting burnt by the sun.

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