Holiday week 4: Prekestolen/ Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock

Wednesday of my holiday week we decided to go to a place called Prekestolen (Pulpit Rock in English). The rock is one of the largest tourist attractions nearby and even if I only live just an hours drive away and the summer-house is about 20 minutes away, I have never walked up to it. I have seen it when I have been on boat trips on Lysefjorden, the fjord where you find Pulpit Rock, but I have never been up there.

At the top looking down on the fjord

The hike is not to arduous, it takes about 1,5 hours to walk each way. But it is so popular with tourists the you normally have to walk in a queue if you did not go at very odd times. This year there are not too many tourists from outside of Norway allowed in to the country due to Covid-19. So if I was going to go, this was the year for it. I did not do what Tom Cruise did in the Mission Impossible 6 – Fallout movie and climb up the side of the mountain. It was filmed here even if they moved it to India in the movie.

Looking in on the fjord, someone had set up a tent

There not being as many tourist as usual did not mean that there were few people doing the hike even on a Wednesday, but it was not as crowded as it would have been in a normal year. The weather was really good to hike in. Not too warm and not too cold, a little overcast but not foggy.

A little water on the way where you can cool down on a warm day

All in all we had a very good hike and we were rewarded with a lovely view when we got to the top. Personally I enjoyed going up more than going down, but that is just because I’m more comfortable climbing up than walking downhill.

47 thoughts on “Holiday week 4: Prekestolen/ Pulpit Rock

  1. I always wanted to do that hike, but now I might be a little too old. 😦 And yes, uphill is usually easier for me, too. I always felt like I was a few centimeters shorter after a steep, long downhill hike.

  2. Such breathtaking views! I really envy you! Thank you for giving me a respite from reality with your beautiful photos. The Pulpit Rock is quite a sight! – Neek

  3. I was there many years ago, it’s stunning! Looking over the fjord and the mountains, it feels like you were on the edge of the world. I would like to revisit one day. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.

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