Holiday week 6: Walking Idse

A small boat enjoying the sunshine

The Thursday was the last full day we spent at the summer-house. I spent it enjoying a good walk picking some blueberries and some wild strawberries. I was happy that my muscles was not doing too badly from the hike the day before so that I could enjoy both the berry picking and the walking.

Wine from Crete and a nice dinner

I had just received an email earlier in the week saying that our trip to Crete this year would not go ahead as planned, so we decided to enjoy our last wine that we brought home last time around and we had halloumi bbq-skewers for dinner. We could now book a new trip, but this being the third trip we have had cancelled due to the virus this year, I decided to do a vacation in Norway later this year.

Out walking

Again we had a good long day just enjoying some nice weather and getting some little jobs done, but mostly relaxing and enjoying the fact that we were on holiday.

Wild strawberries

Yesterday we was invited to some friends to have a nice dinner, so even if I have been back to work a week now I am still managing to enjoy myself. Hope the weekend is treating you all well and that you are able to do something you enjoy.

16 thoughts on “Holiday week 6: Walking Idse

  1. Always a tough time when vacation ends and you have to head back to work. Even though I have been retired for over 5 years, I recall it well. Too bad about your trip to Crete. We had nothing booked, but it is still disappointing to be so locked to home. Stay well. Allan

    1. Thank you. We are happy to be doing good here and we will get to travel in our own country. We have opened to some other European countries, but with all the uncertainty we will stay home and dream of trips in future. Hope you are doing well.

  2. Oh, it looks wonderful and I’m imagining I’m eating those lovely wild strawberries!😀 It is sad with so many holiday plans going array – I miss not being in Sweden this year terribly and just hope the houses are okay. Take care!

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