Holiday week: Prekestolen Base Camp

A view of the camp on the way down

After the trip to Prekestolen/Pulpit Rock, that I wrote about in my last post, we went down to what is called Prekestolen base camp. That has become like a cute little village. With both the old cabin and the new base camp that has been gradually built up in the last years.

A place to rent SUP boards, canoes, and kayaks and other equipment

There is a place to rent all sorts of equipment you might want when being there, both for hiking or for enjoying outdoor activities that you can do around the area. There is a lake just by the base camp that you can swim and do Stand up Paddle boarding and the likes, there is also a zip line going from a high point close by.

A cosy little cafe

There are places you can rent a room for the night and it is a good place for staying before or after you have done the hike or a good place to enjoy life while waiting for your friends or family that might be doing the hike, if you don’t fancy joining.

The Mountain Lodge with rooms and a restaurant

They had not yet opened for dinner when we came down from our hike so we just had an ice cream and was doing dinner later. Those of us that was not driving had a post hike beer. I was told it tasted amazing after the hike. I will be sure to get both a cold beer and a good dinner based on local produce, next time I go.

A little troll in the woods

Hope you are all enjoying summer wherever you are!

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