Holiday week 8: Banken Hotel

The hotel building

Before we went to Haugesund I had booked us a room for the two nights at a hotel I fond online. It had good reviews and the price was reasonable so I was quite happy. When our room was ready around 12:00 the day we were checking in, I received a code on my phone that would open the door our whole stay.

The hotel lobby, each room also had a chandelier

The hotel was called Banken hotel meaning The Bank Hotel. The name comes from the fact that this used to be a bank from 1919 up till 1985. After that it has been among other things a night club. In 2011 it opened as a hotel. It can be found in the middle of the town center and it a good hotel to stay in when visiting Haugesund.

Hotel rooms had padded doors

Next to our hotel there was an Irish Viking bar. We went in for a pint and it is the only Irish pub I’ve ever been to that had swords on the walls. I found the one that seem to be missing to be the most worrying.

Hope the week is treating you all well.

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