Holiday Week 9: Food

Kinder chocolate cupcake

One of the most important thing for me when I am on holiday is to eat and drink well. Due to the virus there was no buffet’s, so the hotel breakfast was a bit reduced, but it was nice all the same.

When I walked through town the first time, a nicely colored building caught my eye and it turned out to be a lovely cupcake place! I was delighted and had to go in to sample some cupcakes, have some coffee and I sat there for a while with my notebook and did some writing for my blog. I also liked their plates and cups and as they had them for sale I bought some to bring home. Both the kinder chocolate and the salty caramel chocolate cupcake gets a big thumbs up from me!

A cold beer on a warm Friday evening

On our first evening we went for a nice curry, we had some catfish and chicken pakora for a starter and I went for the butter chicken as a main, and a cold tasty Indian beer. If you are not sure what to eat a curry is always a good option.

A good butter chicken

The next day we took some time to sit by the sea watching some Premiere League football and enjoying some beer and a very tasty fish soup for lunch. By the sea there are a lot of pubs and restaurants and not knowing much about them we got quite lucky. We had seats outside and as the weather for the most part was lovely it was very nice, but they had the option to roll out a roof if it should started to rain.

Lovely fish soup by the sea

We sat for a little longer than intended by the sea watching football, and by the time we decided to go for dinner I decided that we should go to the place that is said to be the best place for a burger in town. When we got there the dish of the day was a wonderful steak sandwich and I opted for that instead of a burger. The sandwich was very tasty, so was the chilli cheese fries and beer I had with.

Steak Sandwich and chilli cheese fries

Next day we were on our way home and stopped on the way to get some food, and were lucky enough to get a nice satay chicken.

Satay chicken lunch

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