Road trip

This year our intention was to do as we have the recent years and go for a week of relaxing and sunshine in Crete. We booked our trip early January and started looking forward to our usual week in Paradise. But as you all know and have experienced, in one way or another, 2020 is a year that laughs at your well laid plans and make you think and re-plan at least once.

Compared to others I have not been to badly effected by Covid, I still have my health, my loved ones, my home and my job. The way it has been a bit unkind is that three trips I was very much looking forward to got canceled. First off was Easter in Ireland with family and friends. Then a trip to London with friends to finally visit Harry Potter World on my birthday. And finally our trip now to Crete. With things opening up a bit we could have risked booking a week in a European country that was not on the red list. But I found it best to listen to the government’s advice to avoid travels abroad that are not necessary, and I started planning a vacation in my own country.

Car home after a long journey

As some of you know I bought my first ever car when Covid came, because it was handy in this new normal that came with the virus. So I decided to make our trip a road trip. The goal being to visit family and friends and show my other half, who has not seen too much of the country he now lives in, some of the sights that Norway has to offer. And with us having taken our holiday outside of school holidays, it meant that we were able to do some sightseeing without the worst of the crowds.

We ended up having a blast of a time and really enjoyed having a different type of holiday this year. I am used to vacationing with a car from my childhood, and have always lived in a country that is quite spread out, but the other half being from a country that you can cross in 2,5 hours, had never spent that much time in a car before. But he was a very good passenger and never complained. Good travelling companions can be hard to find and I am grateful that I have one in him.

So over the next while I will share some parts from our adventure while I enjoy my last days of holiday at our summer-house. Hope you enjoy some of them and that your special summer of 2020 turned out nice even if it was a bit different.

15 thoughts on “Road trip

  1. We are all having a crazy 2020… but it looks like you are making the best of it!
    Congratulations on your new car and congratulations on your first road trip together! Looking forward to your trip pictures.
    Happy week to you my friend.

  2. We recently bought a car too near the start of the pandemic. Figured it now made sense to own one. What better way to test it out than by going on a road trip! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures.

  3. Lovely! I am hoping to get out for a long weekend in a few weeks as I haven’t been anywhere since last autumn. Time to see what the outside world is like.

  4. America is a car country as you know, so road trips are part of my DNA…it’s amazing the small, unknown places you can come across while traveling by car! Hopefully we will get back to some sort of “new normal” and be able to travel long distances again by next summer! Glad you are safe!

  5. It’s good you decided on that road trip as opposed to flying to london or crete or ireland. With the pandemic, it really is important to take extra care, dear friend. Enjoy yourself, but do take care.

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