Road trip 2: Porsgrunn

Town house

Our road trip started with me taking an extra off work on the Friday so we could get out of town before the worst of traffic hit and everybody would be on the motorway to get out of the city for the weekend. Before I left work we had a big thunder shower and the area we was to drive through had really heavy rain shower and a light flood warning. We were lucky enough to escape the worst of it and had a pleasant drive to where we were spending our first night of the trip.

Walking around

There are many places along the south Coast of Norway that would be well worth a stay. My choice was the town of Porsgrunn, a lovely litte spot chosen because 5,5 hours was the maximum I was willing to drive in one afternoon after an almost full day at the office.

Calm evening

Porsgrunn got it’s name from a shallow point of it’s riverthat was overgrown with pors (Myrica gale/bog myrtle). The townhas been and still is an important town for industry. Their industry is among others porcelain, magnesium, silicone and nitrogen fertilizers.

Hotel Vic

We stayed at a hotel called Hotell Vic in the middle of the town center. The history of this hotel dates back to 1825 when the consul rebuilt his very elegant residence after a fire. The old residence is still part of the hotel together with a newer section built in 1956. The hotel had been renovated several times and has a good standard with a sense of tradition. We arrived at the hotel around eight in the evening and we were quite tired after a long day. So we really appreciated that the hotel offered a free supper that was very tasty.

Old part of the hotel

After a lovely meal we went for a little walk around Porsgrunn and ended the night with a beer in the hotel bar. I fell asleep almost before my head hit the pillow. This meant that I woke up relatively early the next day and had a good breakfast in the hotel before we got back in the car and continued our journey North-East.

The rain from the day before had gone and we drove on in lovely sunshine. When we got to a little town of Gjøvik by Mjøsa, Norway’s largest lake, we stoped for a cup of coffee and a little bite to eat. And our 5 hour drive ended up being a good one, even if we were mostly just driving on to get to the first goal of our trip.

16 thoughts on “Road trip 2: Porsgrunn

      1. I have friends who lived in Ski and last visited them about four years ago. As well as going into Oslo we also enjoyed a day out at Oscarsborg Fortress which was very interesting. Previously we’ve taken the car ferry from the U.K. and toured some of the fjords staying in log cabins and done a similar trip from Ski with our friends who have recently moved to nearby Kolbotn.

  1. Always good to head out on a road trip, especially after being busy at work. I always found it took me a week to detach from work, a week to relax and a week to worry my way back into my job. Short vacations never allowed me to relax enough. Glad that is over. Enjoy the trip and thanks for sharing. Allan

    1. Thank you, Allan. I did enjoy a lot. Two weeks in a row is enough for me. Had three last year but prefere to spread it out a bit when I can. Hope you are doing well.

  2. What a lovely place! My father had a collection of Christmas plates from Porsgrunn. I have only seen Mjøsa from the air, but it looks like a fun place to explore.

  3. Sounds like you had a good start to your road trip and were able to avoid the brunt of traffic. Glad the weather cleared by the time you got to Porsgrunn so you were able to stretch your legs after all that driving and explore the town.

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