Road trip 3: Gausdal

We had two quite long car journeys our first days and we did not stop too much on our way. The reason for this was that we wanted to get to my family members that lives across the country on a lovely farm in Gausdal. I had not seen them or their lovely 1 year old daughter in real life since February. So we wanted to make the most of the time we had with them now.

Strange sky

Gausdal is a municipallity in the innland in Norway. The last part of the name dal means valley and in summer the valley is green and good for farming and in wintertime both the valley and the Mountains around are good for skiing. In their largest sku spot, Skeikampen there is 150 kilometers of ski tracks. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark used to vacation her from her childhood. Another place in the valley is Aulestad, the home of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson one of the most famous writers in the country. Among other things he wrote the lyrics to the Norwegian national anthem. It was closed as we passed so we did not stop this time, but I have been there before a long time ago.

We arrived around one o’clock on the Saturday and had lovely weather to sit outside in the beautiful surroundings just chatting, catching up and eating some good food.

Sunday came with changing weather and we helped out with leveling a floor in their basement, just spending some time together enjoying eachothers company. And we also found the time to go for a walk in the lovely serene sourroundings of their farm.

On Monday we enjoyed the morning with our hosts and had a great brunch before it was time for them to go to work and tend to the farm. That meant that it was time for us to continue our adventure. This time we did not have too far to travel to our next destination, but we had a very full day planned.

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