Road trip: Akvariet i Bergen

When we woke up in Bergen on the Friday the weather was really lovely. I had a few little things planned for the day and first of was a lovely stroll from our hotel down to the Aquarium. This is a place that I was a few times when I was younger, but over the five years I lived there I never visited once. So the lovely sunny day was a really good opportunity to go for a visit.

The Aquarium in Bergen is the national aquarium in Norway and this year they are 60 years old. One of the things I really enjoyed is seeing the penguins and we got there just in time to see them being fed for the day, and got to listen to a little chat about the penguins that has been there since 1989. And yes one of the original penguins from 31 years ago is still there swimming about.

An hour after the penguin feeding we got to watch the feeding of the sea lions being fed. They where great fun, one of them loves to do a show so we did get to see her preform some of the tricks she had been working on. A while after we could also have watched the feeding of the Otters, but we decided that we did not want to wait around that long.

In the indoors part of the Aquarium there are many things to see, from the most common fish and other things that you find along the Norwegian coast, to more tropical stuff. They have a shark tunnel where you can walk through and the sharks will swim next to you and over your head.

They also have some crocodiles and they work with a group in the Philippines to help prevent them being killed for handbags. They also have an initiative to help clear the beaches and to teach kids not to throw garbage in the sea. The only place where you are allowed to give the fish something is for the Carp fish, where little kids can give the keepers their pacifiers and they will give one to the fish, who sucks them and then they are taken to a tank full of other pacifiers and the kid has now given it to the fish.

There is also a dry area where you can find snakes, spiders, lizards and marmosets. I am not a big fan of the first three but they where safely tucked away in their cages. But the marmosets where quite cute and good fun. We enjoyed our time in the Aquarium and it was lovely weather so we kept strolling afterwards before we enjoyed a bit of lunch.

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