Numbers are rising

Covid numbers are up here in Norway, as they are in most of the world at the moment. We have been getting new advice for a little while now, but today there was a big tightening in the rules. Asking us to stay home when we can and go back to limiting our social contacts.

I have already been sent back to home office and I have no problem with that, and I think it is good that they are tightening in when the contamination is on it’s way up like this.

Too bad for me this happened the day before my other half’s birthday and his gift was supposed to be to have a nice little break in a small city close to here next weekend. Unnecessary travels that does not involve going somewhere remote with no people, have now been advised against, so now I have no gift. The break was supposed to be a small consolation for the fact that he does not get to see his family and that he can’t go home for Christmas. Well, well we will have a nice lunch at the home office diner ( aka the kitchen) and I will make some brownies and some ice cream.

We are still lucky to have our health and, so far we still have our jobs and we are quite busy with them. In times like these it is what we have to focus on and to do our bit to make things just a little better for others. So I have decided to up my game with small acts of kindness. I have a good little list with things I would like to do, but I would very much like to hear if any of you have any suggestions that I would be able to do in line with the regulations that are in place.

Hope everyone is staying safe!

45 thoughts on “Numbers are rising

  1. Aw, Happy birthday to your better half! We are making all kinds of crafts at home for decorations. And making new recipes, playing board games on weekend. nothing new but just a reminder.
    Also, you can pick icecream or hot cocoa and go for walk or drive around your neighbourhood.

  2. We are currently hitting all time high numbers in daily infections and deaths here in the US…it’s a very sobering time in our world…I have been trying to share positive stories with friend, and my wife produces a TV show that always has an upbeat, inspiring story of people showing the best of who we can be…in a very negative world, ever little bit of positivity helps!

    1. Thank you John. That is very true indeed in times like these we all need to help with the positivity! Every bit helps. Stay safe and stay positive (not in the covid sense)

  3. Stay safe. We are under lockdown again here in England as of today, another 4 weeks of doing what we can to stay safe and to lower the infection numbers. Seems like the infection and death count around the world is just getting higher and higher every day. Time to do something about it and hopefully we can have families together again for Christmas.

  4. Happy birthday to your pother half. Hope you still find a way to celebrate. Cases on the rise here as well as we head into a long dark winter. Stay well. Allan

  5. You’re a kind soul. We’re just dug in and staying home as much as possible. I expect another order to go home, but it hasn’t happened yet. My wife works in the hospital so that won’t be an option for her.

  6. First-time visitor. A picture of rushing water on the Home page caught my attention, but now I see food. 🙂 I sense numbers are rising throughout the world. Makes me wonder about what will happen over the next 6 months. Stay safe.

    PS: My wife and I were scheduled to make our first visit to Norway this past summer by cruise ship. For some odd reason, it didn’t happen. 😦 Hopefully, it will in the future.

    1. Thank you. Glad to hear you found your way over. Sorry you could not make it over during summer, I hope you will be able to come some other time. Stay safe and take care.

  7. So sorry to hear cases are rising over there in Norway. I remember reading about that in the news here in Australia a few days ago. Here in Australia we have just come out of a seven month lockdown, so hopefully things get better for you soon.

    That is very nice of you to make brownies and ice-cream for your other half’s birthday. I hope he will have a good birthday. Agree with you that health is important and best everyone stays healthy and stays safe. Take care.

  8. You always have such a good attitude. I have a good-deed-doing list this year too.😊 (I haven’t hit my goal yet so I’m also looking for ideas.) Giving shelf-stable food to food pantries or just putting it out in a “free” box for anyone who needs it is one idea.

    I bet your other half will be happy with whatever you do.

    1. Thank you. He was happy with nice food and a relaxed day. And that people remembered his day 🙂 From the start of november our local shop has a shopping cart where you van donate food and such for people who need it for Christmas. I really like how easy they make it, just pick up an extra item and put it in the cart and it will be organised and handed out. Stay safe and take care

  9. Happy Birthday to your better half! And I know he will enjoy whatever you plan.

    I’m so sick of Covid! I’m sick of the anxiety it causes. Here in the states… its rising again. And no real changes occurring yet. But we still have no idea who our President is going to be. They are still counting the votes.

    Whatever you do… have fun! Happy Weekend!

  10. I admire your attitude. This lockdown has been really hard on the world. But focusing on the good will hopefully keep us sane. I hope your spouse had a nice birthday despite the restrictions. Stay safe and healthy!

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