2021 has started

2021 has started out quite cold here in my part of the world. In the mornings and evenings when I have been walking to work and back the temperatures have been between -4 and -9. It does not usually stay that cold for that many days here in the south-west of Norway, but it has been sunny and dry so there is no snow. The lovely weather has made my mood lift quite a bit in the new year. Even if events around the world are doing their best to make sure that 2021 will start as bad as 2020 ended, the first few days have not been very eventful for me personally.

Here in Norway we have now got the strictest restrictions since March because the numbers have spiked after Christmas. We are to stay home or outdoors and not meet up with people that are not part of our household. People who live alone can have two people they are meeting up with, or one household, so we have seen my mother since the new restrictions, but not anyone else. We are very ok with this as it is the best way to keep everyone safe until we can all get the vaccine.

I never expected that 2021 would be a normal year, so I am not discouraged by this. My goal for this year, normality wise, is that I hope that I get one trip over to Ireland to visit friends and family. I do really feel for the businesses that now have had to close down again due to it not being advised to travel and the ban on serving alcohol until 18th of January. And all the shops that are not getting much business because people are taking the advice to stay home. Personally, I don’t feel the effect of the Gyms and such having to close, because I don’t usually go there. But I do hear the frustrations of those that do. I will try to do my little bit to try and make sure that the shops I want to use in the future, does not have to throw their towels in, now before the vaccine gets around. But it is still safe to visit the shops, at times when there are not too many others there and as when we use our face masks.

I have decided that I will do my part to make sure that 2021 will be better than 2020 even if it is not a normal year. So far this year I have made sure to try to spread some smiles to the people around me, even if we can’t meet up in person. I do feel that it is a lot easier to do when the sun is shining outside. The smallest thing can make someones day just a little bit better. And when you put a smile on someones face it can be almost as infectios as the corona virus!

How are things where you are?

28 thoughts on “2021 has started

  1. I live int he epicenter of the surge here in the US: Los Angeles. Stay at home orders, no restaurants or bars, no gyms, salons etc. Unfortunately,, as the recent events have shown, far too many Americans are acting out and fighting the restrictions, fueled by an egomaniac who happens to be President. We are the laughingstock of the world, which would be bearable if we didn’t also lead the world in deaths and infections…a shameful standing.

  2. Here in southern CA we’re also under tight restrictions. I’m trying to keep positive, make positive changes in my life, and know this challenging time will pass. I enjoyed your post! And that dessert looks delicious!

  3. Here in AZ… we are a major hot spot. People just need to wear the masks and our State government is not really doing anything to restrict anything.
    Plus we had a very scary day here in the United States… people tried to overturn our election. I was shakened to my core!
    Thank you for sharing your smile with us. I definitely needed it!
    Have a good weekend!

  4. 2021 has started

    On Thursday, January 7, 2021, The thoughts and life of me wrote:

    > masgautsen posted: ” 2021 has started out quite cold here in my part of > the world. In the mornings and evenings when I have been walking to work > and back the temperatures have been between -4 and -9. It does not usually > stay that cold for that many days here in the south-wes” >

  5. I’ll come for dessert too. 😉 Show too many of those and you will soon have a houseful of guests. Uninvited of course. I want to find a mask with a nice smile on the fabric so I can spread one around too. It’s hard for people to see me smile behind the mask. You are doing the best thing possible in this situation. Keeping positive, active and finding a little joy is almost like a vaccine. A natural immune booster. I cut my own hair again last night and the only place I go is to the grocery with my daughter on Saturdays when she is off other than medical appointments. This too, shall pass. How we handle it tells about our character. Keep up the good work. Sending a smile your way. 🙂

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