Wonderful weekend

Lake has frozen over and people are out enjoying

This weekend has been a very good one so far. It started Friday with me picking up some lovely cocktail mixes made by one of my favourite cocktail places. Now that we can’t go out to enjoy drinks out, we can support our local places in this time and still have some really good drinks at home. We did not drink them on the Friday, but we did order some pizza and watched “Stranger Things” on the TV.

Small groups of people keeping their distance

Saturday came with a good sleep in. And just after a quick breakfast we went out in the lovely winter weather. The lake close to our apartment is one of the ones that has frozen over so that they are safe to walk on. As there was a bit of snow on them, they were not too good for ice skating, but there were quite a few parents out claring little squares for their kids to skate and play ice hockey on. I did not bring skates but opted for going for a good walk on the ice. It was very nice and gave me many flashbacks to good memories from my childhood.

A lovely punch made by my favourite cocktail place

After the walk it was time to do some of the chores that always need doing around the house. But I did just the minimum becuase I wanted to spend the day doing other things. And then I finished the last episodes of “Bridgerton”, a series I have enjoyed quite a lot. In the evening we went to the only person that we can visit at the moment, my mother, to eat some tacos and enjoy the lovely cocktails we had gotten the mixes from the day before. We ate and enjoyed the evening and as my other half’s job had kindly sent him some camenbert, bread and chilli marmelade that we put in the fire-place and ate. I had never tried to put cheese in the fireplace before, but I don’t think it will be te last time.

A great ginger cocktail

Sunday morning, I did not get up too early, but early enough to go in to the office to do some hours work. I got a good walk in on my way to work, so I got the chance to enjoy the sunny winter day, even if I was going to the office. And then I sat down to do some blogging and reading. Later on we plan to go get some food, but I have not yet decided what sort of food I would like.

Camenbert, breand and chilli marmelade

How is the weekend treating you?

30 thoughts on “Wonderful weekend

  1. Always good to change things up a bit on the weekend. We all still need something to look forward to. I hope for a more relaxing day today. Yesterday, I mixed and baked 5 Levain loaves, 3 Levain baguettes and 3 Levain pizza crusts. This wore me out. Time for a walk today. Stay well. Allan

  2. Sounds nice and gentle pace.

    A quiet weekend for me, spent on my own this time. I wanted another weekend of just being me, rather than with my support bubble.
    My weekend has been a mixture of dvd’s, reading tai chi and baking.

    1. Thank you, it was nice. I used to do more cross country skiing, but not so much anymore. There is not enough snow here in town and I usually don’t bother traveling

  3. Terrific photos…when my wife and I were in Chicago part of Lake Michigan close to the shore would freeze and people would go out, cut holes in thrice and fish! Here in LA, it’s 85 degrees today!

    1. Thank you. People do that here too when the larger lakes freeze over, but there are no fish in this lake. Wow, that sounds very warm for me this time of year, we now have 1 degree celsius and a light rain, so tomorrow will either be bare or very icy!

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend was had. We are going to be watching football pretty much all day. Relaxing at its best.
    Happy Sunday to you!

  5. Sometimes going to work on a weekend morning means you can get work done undisturbed and quicker. I love that you have frozen lakes. We’ve had no winter this year…again. I haven’t been anywhere fun in ages though when I have an appointment at the doctors, we stop to pick up food to go. I’m so ready for Covid to be gone.

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