The start of the year has been very good weather wise. We have had many lovely days with cold sunny weather and that looks like it will go on for at least another week. The first month of the year went by very fast and a little slow at the same time. I have included some of the photos from the start of the year in this post.

Walking on the first day of the year

So far this year I have been doing quite well with keeping up my goals for the year, both on the blog and in life in general. I am still enjoying writing and sharing some photos from my everyday life and hope that you have not grown too tired of me at the start of 2021.

Enjoying sweet treats in a cafe
Cocktails at home
Traditional Norwegian food

A few day ago we bought a new house and we have been working on getting our apartment ready for putting on the market. The house we bought actually is the house where I lived in from when I was born till I was twelve, when my family moved a little further up the road. We only have to move our things less than 500 meters when we move, but there is some renovations to be done before that happens.

So today we have been out to some interior shops and IKEA to get some inspiration for what we want to do with the house when we get it. And yes, we did have a meatball lunch out there. After that we went walking on the frozen lake and we got some hot chocolate to keep warm as we were walking. The sun started going down and it got really cold, so now I am stationed on the couch, I have my candles burning and my blanket on and I am drinking beer and watching football and editing my blog post.

I was supposed to be in Bergen this week for the Norwegian Brass Band Championship, but all large gatherings like that has been canceled due to Covid, so I am enjoying myself at home for the moment and looking forward to going next year (hopefully).

Hope you are all doing well. What are you up to these days?

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