Where did the week go?

Another week is coming to an end, where does the time go? This week the apartment has been put out for sale and there has been a sniff of interest already. We have a showing set up for Wednesday, and as you have to sign up in advance, in these covid times, we know that there are some people that has booked a time slot to come see it. The housing marked where we live see more demand than supply, so I have my fingers crossed that we will manage to sell it. Earlier this week we signed the paperwork for the new place, so it is good to get this place on the market. I must say that it is a good thing we are happy about the place we bought, because moving house is a lot of hassle.

The plan for this weekend does revolve mostly of getting the house ready for the showing, but we will make time to enjoy the sunshine and some nice food too. The weather is staying cold and sunny and we have gone for walks on the frozen lake and past our new home just to have a peak.

Yesterday me and a friend went out for a socially distanced meal and a beer. There are restrictions on serving alcohol as there was a spike in covid cases after Christmas, but as there are almost no cases in our area at the moment places are allowed to serve alcohol with food. We are planning a little outing today as well, to support our local restaurants in the most pleasant way, by eating their food.

This Sunday it is a very rare occasion where Valentines day, Mother’s day and Shrove Sunday all on one day. I don’t usually celebrate Valentines too much, but I got a little box of chocolates for my other half. I have some treats for my mother too, and I will be going up to her place tomorrow to make some dinner.

25 thoughts on “Where did the week go?

      1. Oh they look delicious. I love fish tacos but I’ve never had a crab taco (love crabcakes though!) I’m going to have to look for them on a menu whenever we get a chance to go out to eat. 🙂

  1. Best of luck selling your apartment. There see to be more demand than supply in A LOT of places these days. We’re currently in the process of trying to buy a new home and the competition is fierce!

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