Happy Valentine’s Day and Norwegian Mother’s Day

Yesterday we went out to get some food. As it was the day before Valentines day and the restaurants are obviously on reduced capacity because of the social distancing rules it was quite full everywhere. We got lucky and got a table the first place we tried even without a reservation, but a lot of people coming after us had to be turned away. But even with all tables full, the distance rules were upheld and we felt safe the whole time. We went to our favorite Italian restaurant here in Stavanger called Al Forno, I had pasta and red wine.

After a lovely meal we strolled around outside in town and there were not many people out. We walked past the cinema and went to have a look at what was running at the moment. We found that “Wonder Woman 1984” was due to start in 20 minutes. We got tickets and popcorn and went to see a film in the cinema for the first time in over a year. The movie was easy, cheesy entertainment just like I had expected. If you want to be entertained without having to think it is a good fit. And the experience of going to the cinema after such a long time was very nice. With all the free seats it just felt like it was a not too popular showing and I did get a feeling, for a little while that things were not too far from normal. I still found some leftovers from the popcorn in between my teeth this morning just the way it used to be.

Today it is back to tidying and washing (yes, I am getting very sick and tired of tidying), making a nice dinner for my mother and maybe getting a walk in. Not the most exciting day, but hopefully the washing will be worth it. And a good dinner is always nice and my mother deserves something good for mothers day.

I am almost a bit envious because the add for my apartment is getting a lot more views the last few days than my blog does in a couple of months. I really do hope that this means that one of the many people that has been looking are interested in buying. Not just nosy people who like to have a look around peoples houses when they are selling. If anyone wants to know how we live, when it is tidy, here is a link to to add: https://www.finn.no/realestate/homes/ad.html?finnkode=207542712

How have you weekend been, so far and have you any plans for this day?

37 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day and Norwegian Mother’s Day

  1. We celebrated Valentines Day yesterday and had hoped to do a takeout order from our favourite restaurant. Alas, they were fully sold out due to the demand of the day, so we cooked instead. Today will be rather low key as the warm weather is still a day or two away. Maybe get out for a walk. Stay well and Happy Valentines Day. Allan

  2. Whatever your “new normal” will be for awhile, it must have been great to experience some of it…we miss restaurants, theaters, museums, concerts, all of it…so glad to see you had a nice time and love the pic of the pasta!

  3. I LOVE your apartment! It feels so bright and cheerful. Why are you choosing to move from there? Do you know what you are looking for in the next place? I think you made a good choice on how to celebrate Valentines Day. Pasta is just my style. πŸ™‚ I have not been to a movie in a year but my son and his partner saw Wonder Woman 1984 and they liked it. I’m not sure our theaters will have survived this. You were very thoughtful to do something for your mom on this day. That’s a good daughter love. My daughter and I are at a hotel in Portland as all the places close to home filled up fast yesterday. We lost power due to an ice storm and she can’t handle that kind of cold inside. We may get to go home tomorrow if they get the electric back on. All the restaurants are closed too because of the ice storm. We are not as hardy as in your part of the world. ;(

    1. Thank you, it needs some upgrades and they are not too easy to live with when in home office and as this would never be our forever home we decided to move before investing too much in it. And then my childhood home came up for sale, so we bought that. Pasta is always a tasty and safe bet. Hope you’ll be able to go home soon! Good luck.

      1. How exciting for you to buy your childhood home! Working from home changes so many things. It’s a beautiful place and should sell quickly. I’ll keep good thoughts for you in that direction. Looks like we have a lot longer to wait. No power is widespread here.

      2. Thank you very much Marlene, your thoughts are very much appreciated. Will send some powerfull thoughts your way so you can get your power back!

  4. Who wouldn’t want to live there?! Count me now among the nosy/curious with no intention of buying.😁 (Very cool that you were able to get your childhood home; I have to think your mother was pleased about that too.)

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