St. Patrick and decorating

I have been a bit absent from here the last week due too having a lot of work to do in our new house. There is still a lot to be done, but I do feel that the start that has been made this week is quite good. My goal is to get as much done as possible before we must be out of our apartment, because it is so much easier to do work in an empty house that one filled with furniture. So now we have started to rip up the old carpet in the stairs and paint the living room and the front hall. I will share photos when things are more in place, but I am quite happy with the work so far. Today we are off to look at new flooring for the living room and I hope we will find something that we are happy with. We have also had some friends and new neighbors in socially distanced to have a look at our new home and we have received some good help. I feel very lucky.

Enjoying a lovely tapas and Magners

But the previous week was not all about the redecoration, mostly, but not all. It was also time for St. Patrick’s Day as my other half is Irish this is a day to be celebrated in our household, but it also happen to be our anniversary so that should be the cause for double celebration. This year, as the last one, things are a little different than they usually are. So instead of going out for a meal and then visiting our local Irish pub, we ordered some lovely tapas and enjoyed some Magners at home, while watching the film “Yesterday” on Netflix. It was a light entertainment film that I enjoyed and did not have to focus to much while watching.  

I hope you all had a lovely week and that the week coming up will be even better. And I will set aside some time to enjoy more of your posts this week. Do you have any plans for the week ahead?

18 thoughts on “St. Patrick and decorating

      1. Having our front door sanded and restrained, and decided to do all of the windows as well as some are beginning to show sun damage so might as well do it all at once. 14 windows total! We also had all of our hillside cleaned up behind our house so we can do a new landscaping pattern with new lights in back as well…will be busy around here for the people we hire ! #Iwillsupervise

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