St. Patrick’s day Weekend

This weekend was quite a busy and started with payday drinks at work on Friday. One of our colleges had a concert with his band, and a few of us went there to listen to them play and keep the party going. It was a really good evening out, but it did not make Saturday morning the best one. I lack the ability to recover that I used to have.

Snapchat gave me a Paddy’s day outfit

But after a very slow morning it was time to visit the Irish pub for the rugby game. It was very full and the mood was on top. The combination of St. Patrick’s Day and the fact that Ireland won the Grand Slam at the rugby, made this a very enjoyable afternoon. There was a lot of people out in a lot of weird green clothes and read beards.

Wonderful chicken gordita

After this we went out to a lovely meal at the restaurant called Harry Pepper where we also ate last year for Paddy’s day. This year they have moved their venue, but the food was at least as nice as last year. We went for a three course meal and I had a lovely Gordita, magical ribs and a finish of Churros. I can really recommend this place for eating and drinking. I decided not to go with any of their nice tequila or cocktails.

Pineapple and chipotle matinated ribs

As the night before was a bit later that planned and because we had a lot of food we just went home quite early. Today I made a nice big breakfast and had a lovely lazy morning, before going for a lovely walk in the crisp winter sunshine. And then it was time for a family dinner at my brother’s new place to celebrate the fact that he has a new apartment and that he had his birthday this week.

Churros with cinnamon ice cream and chocolate chilli sauce


Happy Paddys day!


Photo from last time in Ireland

Happy St. Patrick’s day to everyone. I would have loved to be in Ireland today, but I didn’t have the opportunity.

I will however get to go over quite soon and that I am very thankful for!

St. Patrick’s Day

Coaster from the Irishman

Coaster from the Irishman

I’ve never before celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, but this year I was invited by some irish colleagues to go out to have a Guinness at the local Irish pub called the Irishman. There was a lot of people, live irish music, beer, stew (I did not try this as I had already had dinner) and a very good mood. People where wearing green, Guinness hats and a lot of Shamrocks. They even made Shamrocks in our beers 🙂 As we were all going to work today we did not celebrate too much, but it was very much fun to go there and feel the atmosphere and look at all the funny things people got dressed up in. The people I went out with made for excellent company and I was very thankful today that we were responsible enough to get home at a respectable hour. I might have to start celebrating this day from now on as all excuses to go out and have a nice time with good people should be used!

Picture of me an my Guinness in Dublin some time ago.

Picture of me an my Guinness in Dublin some time ago.

The weather has not been to good lately. There has been a lot of rain, so this weekend has not been spent much outside. But I helped a friend redecorate and afterwards we had a pre-redecorating party. And on sunday we had a family dinner at my aunt’s place with two of my cousins and their family.