Happy Easter

It is time for Easter Holidays again and it is lovely to have a few days off work. In Norway the Wednesday in the Easter week we have a half day at work, so I used a few of my saved hours and took the day off. I went to the skip in the morning to get rid of some of the old paint that was in the apartment that we are moving out of. I got rid of some bottles and went to get a few things I needed from town before I went up to do a few little jobs at the new house.

I treated myself to a lovely little brunch on my day off

Except from last year we have spent the last Easters in Ireland, and I must say that I have not missed traveling to see family this much since last Easter. I wish I could be over there now, but that is sadly not the case. All I can do is to hope for next year (or maybe a little bit before). Ireland sure is a lovely place to be in spring and I long to go back to see the lovely people and scenery.

Some lovely flowers on my walk

So this Easter we have decided to take the opportunity to get a few things done in the new house even if the use of power tools are not allowed in the holy week. But we have quite a few jobs that does not require us making too much noise. Among those is painting the stairs, and that sure is a very fiddly job indeed.

A little outdoor table in the new dining room.

We are not just working. We have found the time to go for a few small walks while the weather is quite nice and on Sunday I will travel for an overnight at our summer-house with my mother. We also enjoy some good meals and making sure that we make something lovely out of this time when we were supposed to be somewhere else.

How is Easter treating you so far?

40 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. It’s just going to be a relaxing one for me, with exception of some sewing I need to do. Sewing mum’s name labels in her clothes. At the care home they have those crappy printed versions that fade. Mine are embroidery ones. I am not having her lose her clothes.

  2. I’m glad that things are going well for guys, enjoy that trip with your mum. The breakfast looks so delicious! Have a lovely weekend. 🙏🏻😊

  3. Happy Easter for sure. A lazy weekend with no gatherings planned, mainly due to Covid. Lots of walks and good food, with a bit of work around the house. Enjoy Easter weekend. Allan

  4. Happy Easter, Maja. Sounds like a good plan you have overall. Some time with your mother will probably be much appreciated. I would love to take a trip too but sadly, we are all stuck on the same boat. It will be quiet with some rain. I might do some sewing and my daughter will cook our breakfast. We have no noise rules here but I’m quiet anyway. Your breakfast looks quite delicious.

    1. My other half is from Tuam just outside Galway so we go there often. Most of the family live in Dun Laoghaire and Dublin, so we spend time there. And we also visit Mayo on occations as there is family there too. Have not been to Cork, but would like to go

  5. I had a lovely Easter thanks. My son and his girlfriend came from Melbourne and my daughter and her partner and her two babies (2 yrs 7 month son and 6 month old daughter also stayed). Also it was my birthday, couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s nice to be in touch with someone from Norway. I do love Scandi Noir TV shows.

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