Easter in Ireland 2017: Aillwee Caves and the Burren

Another great thing to see in County Clare Ireland, in addition to the Clifs of Moher, is the Aillwee Caves.

The caves was dicovered in the 40’s, but was kept a secret for a long time untill they opened it up to the public in 1974. It’s one of the oldest caves in Ireland.

The walk inside the cave was really something else and I really enjoyed it. The cave holds a consistent temperature of 10 degrees celsius.

Many many years ago the cave was home to some brown bears. They have been ecstinct on the Emerald Isle for many years, but their remains were found in the cave.

On our way down we stoppes in a little shop spelling localy produced cheese and fudge. There was also a bird of pray centre there, but we opted out of that one.

The area around where the Caves can be found is called The Burren. It is an area where the limestone is very visible, not covered in the green grass you usually find in Ireland. This is not something you are every day. There are several great walking trails here.


Easter in Ireland 2017: Clifs of Moher

For this visit in Ireland I had decided to do a little bit of sightseeing. There are many sights to see, but one thing that has been high on my list is the Clifs of Moher. As seen un films as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Ryan’s Daughter, The Princess Bride and Father Ted.

The Clifs was really as stunning as I expected. It was quite windy when we were there, but the rain decided to take a little break when we where there.

The Clifs is a Special Protected Area for Birds and is home to a lot of seabirds including quite a lot of Puffins.

Going there on Good Friday there was a lot of other people there to watch the majestic Clifs and as we got there rather late there was not to wide a selection of food left in the resturant situated in the experience centre, but we were lucky enough to get some food.

We didn’t spend too much time in the centre, as we preferred to spend more of our time out by the Clifs, but those who built the centre had done a good job making it blend in to the environment.

After a while the rain started to pour, the gift shops were closing and all the tourists started leaving. And as we had a two hour drive ahead to get home we had to say goodbye to the Clifs and the puffins that has this wonderful place as a home.

Easter in Ireland 2017

I’m finally back in Ireland. It’s so good to be back here and to know that I’ve got a good holiday to look forward too!

Finally back on the Emerald Isle

I’ve been spending the last few easters in Ireland, visiting family and friends. And I midt say that it is an easter traditions I hope to hold on to. 

On the menu for the next days is seeing friends and family, doing some sightseeing and eating easter eggs. The weather that greated us yesterday was good and the forecast looks fine, but if the weather won’t cooperate I know I’ll still have a wonderful time.

Hope you’re all enjoying a lovely easter!


Happy easter all!


It’s finally time for me to hop on a plane and go back to beautiful Ireland. I’m very much looking forward to spending easter over on the emerald island. I was there last easter  at well and it was lovely. Hoping for more like the below:

Easter in Ireland Part 1

Easter in Ireland Part 2: Tuam and Oranmore
Easter in Ireland Part 3: Galway
Easter in Ireland Part 4: Castle Hacket and Lough Corrib


A very happy easter to all!

Ireland here I come!

Picture from a walk the other day

Picture from a walk the other day

The day is finally here and it’s time for me to go on vacation! The last time I was this much in need of a holiday was when I’d just delivered my Masters thesis. Back then I was going for a two week trip to Thailand. This time I’m not going that far away and I’m sadly not staying that long, but a few day in Ireland now over Easter is hopefully going to do it’s magic. The weather doesn’t look like it’s going to be very good, but we’ll be meeting up with friends and family and all will be well. I’m looking forward to seeing the Easter traditions of another country too ( I have been promised that there will be Easter eggs). There are not many firm plans made except a few to meet up with good people, so it will really be exciting to see what the trip will hold. I will update you when I come back, next week. Sadly my beloved phone has died and it’s crisis replacement does not have a camera just as good, but hopefully there will be a few OK pictures to share with you anyway.

Going away to become as calm as this lake

Going away to become as calm as this lake

This just to say that if Lufthansa (or someone else) pulls a prank for April Fool’s day and cancel our flights or make us stay overnight in Frankfurt again, I won’t be very impressed.

So Ireland brace yourself Maja is coming!

Hope you all have a really good Easter and enjoy. I know I will.