A week over

Last week there was quite a lot happening, the weather turned from winter back to spring and this weekend it was almost a feeling of summer. We are getting closer to the day where we must move, so we tried to get some big jobs started in the house, so we don’t have to do them after the furniture has been moved.

We had someone in to put up a wall inside the largest bedroom, as it used to be two rooms and we found that the old solution works better for us. So, we now have 3 bedrooms instead of two as it was intended when the house was built. He was very fast and accurate, and we were very happy with the job. The other half has also started to put down the new floor in the living room and I have done some painting and have been designated shopper, getting all the things we need.

I have had home office these past weeks and I have been sitting in the new house, that has proved to be very practical as I could open the door for the builder and electrician. On Friday my mother dropped by with a great club sandwich for lunch that we enjoyed in the sunshine in the back garden.

This weekend I have taken time off the work in the house to enjoy the sunshine, and we have gone for a few lovely walks and I have also made sure that I had a good amount of time to enjoy a good cup of coffee and making sure that I got some much needed rays of sunshine.

I am back in the office today and that meant that I got a lovely walk in the nice weather this morning. Today is the warmest day we have had this year, so I am very eager for the workday to end so that I can enjoy a little bit of it afterwards. So, the large packing job that I need to get on with might not be progressing as quickly as it should today. I do think that we will still be ready to move most our stuff next weekend, as planned.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything nice?

14 thoughts on “A week over

  1. I love that your Mom stopped by with a delicious club sandwich! We had gorgeous weather in Los Angeles this weekend so we went for a 6-mile walk that begins at the top of Beverly Hills and ends up at the bottom…so the trip back up is a great workout to be sure! Glad to hear all is going well as you are so well planned for the move! So smart to get modifications done first!

  2. Glad things are working out at your new home and that you can take some time off to enjoy it and the weather. We have been having great weather here Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but back to cold and windy on Sunday. Still managed some good walks and cycles. Looking forward to another good walk this week. Stay well. Allan

  3. Reading this just reminded me to take my vitamins. I got a walk this morning and both days over the weekend. It’s good you are making time for yourself in spite of all the work you have to do on the houses and at work. Turning one room into two can be a good way to use the space more efficiently. Our weather is erratic too. Just can’t make up it’s mind you have to dress in layers. Moving takes a lot of time. I do not envy you at all.

    1. Thank you Marlene. I will be very glad once we are in the new house and out of the old. There will be more work to be done, but at least we can focus one one place! Hope your weather settles and that you can enjoy some lovely spring walks.

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