I am one of those people who has always loved to sleep. Well, always is a bit of an overstatement, as a baby I hardly slept. But once I got over my colic and for as long as I can remember I have loved going to bed to sleep.

Every night when I go to bed as I get might head on the pillow, I just relax and almost always get a smile on my face. The happy feeling does not last very long as I am one of those annoying people who fall asleep almost immediately and I usually get a good night sleep.

I do tend to wake up early and I have never been one of those people that can regularly sleep the whole day. But mornings are not the worst time of day, if you get to wake up naturally. It is a bit strange, but the times when I wake up two minutes before the alarm, the day is off to a so much better start than when you have the annoying sound tearing you away form your precious sleep.

To me it is a feeling of luxury when I have a chance to go to bed early. I have never understood the people that seem to be able to go late to bed and still function at work the next day. I have, as I said been this way since childhood. My younger brother, did not share the same love for going to bed. And as it was very important to me that he went to bed before me because he was younger I got very upset when he dragged out his bedtime rituals once in a while, because to me that meant that I would be getting to bed later than I appreciated.

Unfortunately my love for sleeping also comes with a low tolerance for not getting enough sleep and I get cranky and not very easy to be around a lot faster than most people I know. So I try to get much sleep as I need. And in my world there are very few things that can beat the feeling of lying down in a bed with fresh smelling clean sheets and just close my eyes and fall asleep with a smile on my face. Regardless of how the day has been treating me.

What is your relationship with sleep?

35 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. The smell of clean soft sheets with a combination of hard and soft pillows in a cool temp bedroom makes sleep a buddy any time. The room might be filled with folks chuckling but I’d be with Alice in slumberland. 😍

  2. I just love my sleep… fortunately it is always a sound sleep…always endeavour to hit the bed in time but at times do get late …..whatever time I may go to bed I get up early ….
    Stay blessed..and may you get a sound sleep always🙏🙏

  3. Early to be and early to rise would fit me. A habit I got into when I was working and wer had young children. I am a light sleeper and a good night’s sleep for me is seldom over 7 hours. Sigh. Right now with the long hours of daylight and the morning bird chorus, it only gets worse. Stay well and sleep well. Allan

  4. Jealous of you!

    Apnea can be debilitating and that is my sleep problem. Before apnea I shared your love of sleep and ease of falling asleep. Now debilitated.

    But I am of good cheer. I have my blog family!!

  5. I tend to go to bed late and wake early, so about 6 hours is good but I have to wear a CPAP mask because of Sleep Apnea. I’ve used the machine since 2011 so it’s normal for me. Sleep well, Maja!

  6. You are right about a bed making you feel happy and serene…it’s an oasis of calm away from whatever day you had or are facing…I always wake up before the alarm: instinctively, I know what time it is…perhaps it all began when I was ten years old, spending my summers shrimp fishing with my grandfather…we had to get up at 5a, and I dreaded it….but always woke up moments before I got the call up the stairs that it was time to go…I seem to still get “the call”!

  7. I behave in a similar fashion. I look forward to going to bed early and waking up, just before the alarm. I feel that I have control over my life because of this behavior. Thanks for posting…now go to bed!

  8. Sleep is a huge issue for so many. In my family, I’m the only one who is an early to bed, early to rise. The rest all stay up late and sleep late. Makes me crazy. I love to lay my head down and feel how comfy my bed is and just pray for sleep. Because I raised my brothers and sister, I woke easily at night if they needed me. Our mother could sleep through a bomb so she never could get up to take care of them. I hear everything at night. I’m lucky to get 6 hours of sleep of any kind. Good sleep is harder to come by. Age is the demon of sleep. Enjoy it while you can. I’ve been a non working person for more years than I can count and still get up between 4-5 in the morning and prefer going to sleep by 9-10 at night. I never had to set an alarm. If I set one, I would wake a few minutes ahead. A comfortable bed and nice sheets are essential to good sleep as is a great pillow. I will spend good money for a good product to help with sleep. Keep enjoying the sleep you get. I’ll be heading there myself in an hour. 😉

    1. Sleep is wonderful when you can het it, but a big pain if you can’t get enough. Hope you will get as much sleep as you need. I will enjoy every second. Hope you will get yours

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