Another week over

This week has been very busy at work and I have been struggling a little bit with my sleep. This is not the best combination, but hopefully things will stabilize and my sleep will sort it self out. The first is a luttle unlikely, but the second usually do. I did manage to pay my mother a visit and to go see a friend of mine one evening, but apart from that and band I have not been up to much after work.

One of the many Iron men placed around Stavanger

While I described last weekend as busy, but good this weekend has mostly been a lazy one. Friday I was so tired coming home from work that after a little walk outside and some shoe shopping I just spent the rest of the evening on the couch watching Netflix. After such a lazy evening I went to bed early.

The going to bed early was a good thing as my habit of waking up early in the morning is not just present during the weekdays. So I had a nice quiet morning drinking coffee, reading blog posts and doing some work on my own blog for later. Friday came with so much snow that they had to close the runway at the airport for a few hours, but Saturday morning most of it was gone here in the center of town. I ran a few errands and then took to the sofa again, to watch some skiing and relax. I also made sure I got a good walk in seeing as the weather was sunny and the snow looked nice. The evening was yet again spent on the sofa with my man, Netflix, sushi and a beer or two.

Today is going to be spent on blogs, watching skiing on TV, hanging out with my friend and her little baby and going for a walk. To me this is a perfect weekend to balance the hectic week I had. I feel like, so far, I am keeping up with the goals I set for the year. Yes, I could always have done more or better, but I believe that by changing things slowly it’s easier to keep things up.

I hope the weather stays nice for the next week so that walking outside will be as good as this week. I don’t see things calming down at work for the week to come, but I am managing. I have caught up on some sleep this weekend and feel like I have the energy I need to meet a new week in the best possible way. The week will also bring with it the release concert for my friends new album, and I am very much looking forward to that.

Hope the week and weekend has been treating you well and that you are all doing your best to keep up with the goals for 2018. Unless you have found out that they didn’t work for you.


Relaxing holiday

After I came home from my trip to Ireland I went to relax at my family’s summer house. As I have mentioned before this place is a place I can come to relax and no matter how stressed I am I always know I can come here to find some peace of mind. This time the weather was amazing. It was way to warm to stay at the terrace most days, so we had to take the boat out and go out to sea to find a small breeze.

Nice view at boat trip

Nice view at boat trip

Sitting in a boat with a lovely view, bringing nice food and drinks, stopping at nice secluded spots to have a bath and stopping at nice little places for ice cream is really not the worst way to spend your day.


In the evenings we went fishing and I sat out enjoying my books and the lovely view from our terrace.

Out fishing

Out fishing

A lovely sunset

A lovely sunset

My last day there was the only one that was a bit overcast. But it was still nice and warm. We had visitors and spent the day at the local beach searching for crabs and small fishes. I was sad to leave, but luckily the good weather continued when I came home and is supposed to continue for quite som time still.


Overcast but warm, last day.


Weekend at Kjeksesvåg

This weekend I went for a little trip to our summer house at Kjeksevåg on Idse island. To me this is the most wonderful place on earth to go to relax and enjoy summer. I’ve been coming here since I was 3 months old and I hope I’ll be able to come out here and enjoy the place in many years to come. This island is not too far from our house, 25 minutes by boat and 1,5 hours if you drive. This makes it easy to go over and visit for a weekend, this weekend there was a bit of waiting for the ferry when we where going home, but we were not i a hurry so the waiting was filled with a nice ice-cream from the little kiosk at the quai.

View from terrace

View from terrace

The weather was sunny, but there was quite a bit of wind. It was lovely to be outside on the terrace, but down by the sea the wind was blowing so much that our planned bonfire for mid-summer celebrations had to be postponed.  But this did not matter much as I was in there to relax and I got to enjoy the sunshine, it did put me of going for a swim. I went for a few walks in the area around, read a little and enjoy a good football game between Ghana and Germany.


Wedding soon

Creativity and relaxing potion!

Creativity and relaxing potion!

Yes, you did see what you thought you did. I’m enjoying a glass of wine, on a thursday. Shocking I know, but as I must have a look at the speech I’m giving at my friend’s wedding this weekend it helps me get creative. And it also helps me relax a little, even if I’m not the one getting married there are quite a few things you need to get right when you are a maid of honor. But today, after rehearsing the song I’m singing in church, I finally feel like I’m beginning to get control of things. This feeling will probably disappear soon enough as I remember something I’ve forgotten, but for now I just want to enjoy it.

I’m going to check my speech and then I’m going to get a book from my pile of unread books that I really need to get started on, to get some peace of mind and if I feel like it I’m going to move a few things in my apartment to pretend I’m tidying. With getting a lot done at work, rehearsing with the pianist and visiting my parents I really feel like I’ve had a good day. Maybe even a great one 🙂