July update

As many of you know I had a goal to post one post every day in June. I was three day’s away from reaching my goal, but then I got sick. It is a little bit annoying that I didn’t make it all the way, but I am still content that I gave it a good go. I posted almost every day and up until I got sick and I found it very rewarding. I gain a lot from just pushing myself a little bit extra, but I won’t do that when I am sick.

Visit to the garden center this weekend

I have decided to give this another go in September and what I have learned from this time around is to prepare even more for it. I had done quite a lit of preparations for this time around, but if I manage to prepare even better for next time it will be easier. We all know how life loves to get in the way of our good intentions and plans.

I am now starting to recover from my illness, but I am still a bit tired and my nose is still blocked. Luckily it was not Covid, but just one of those ordinary seasonal bugs that we have been spared from extent, the last while. It is not long till I will get my first shot of the vaccine now and the day I got my appointment I booked a trip to Ireland for November and I really do hope it will go ahead this time.

Th first strawberries from the garden, this year.

This weekend, I did not do to much, but we have been working on putting up some furniture and I have done a little bit of planting in the garden. There have also been the quarterfinals of the Euros to enjoy. Now I have a busy week ahead before I am going on holiday for one week.

How are all of you getting on? Summer treating you well?

24 thoughts on “July update

  1. Good to know you have recovered well from the sickness…. health matters more than anything else…once you are healthy you can attempt whatever you want…
    Stay blessed always..

  2. Sorry to hear you were sick and glad it was not Covid. 70-80% have first shots here and 40-50% are fully vaccinated. Still not fully relaxing though, even though all restrictions have been lifted. Stay well and happy vaccination. Allan

  3. I’m sorry to hear you caught a bug at this time of year. You probably have been pushing yourself very hard with all the moving house thing and getting settled. I know I could never find the time to write everyday and I have no job, partner or anything else other than home chores pulling at me. But you have youth on your side and so much more energy. I’m sure by September you will be ready to give it another go go. Glad you are feeling better. Also glad it wasn’t Covid and you are finally able to get your vaccine.

  4. woohoo! A trip to Ireland! I hope it goes ahead for you! It’ll be fab to get to visit Ireland and your family there!
    Summer is treating me fine! I am enjoying it so far!

  5. I was on an “everyday” schedule until my long-delayed vacation to Greece happened – strangely, I had more visitors to the blog during my short hiatus than ever, so I appreciate that older posts still get traction! Sorry you were under the weather!

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