Sushi and summer nights


The other day we took advantage of the fact that the Norwegian summer seems to pay us a visit for more than one day at the time. My brother and I brought my mother out for a nice sushi dinner and some wine. There had been some rain showers earlier in the day, but in the evening was lovely and bright. The food at the resturant we are at was amazing we will most certainly be back at some stage.

There was a concert with a local band in the centre of town so we sat down and had a pint or two outside and enjoyed the summer evening. The music was not something I would ever put on myself, but being a local band with quite a few songs that everyone can sing along to the mood was good. We stayed out a little later than I normally do on a school night, but that is what those bright summer evenings and nights are for.

This weekend will be spent at the summer-house relaxing. Hope all of you are enjoying your summer in the way you want.


Glad Mat festival 

Sabi sushi’s glad mat dish

This week there is a few food festivals going on in Stavanger. One og them is called Glad Mat, that litteraly translate to Happy Food. This has been going on for more than 10 years and it’s allways well attended. This year the first two days the weather was really on our side and the stedets of Stavanger was buzzing with life.

Glad mat in the colour street

There are a lot of restrants and caterers that has a stand at this festival and they sell their food and drinks. All of them has to have a small dish for a set price of 30 kr (3€) so that you can taste food from different places. 

Lervig one of the local breweries at the festival

One of the largest stands is a beer tent where many small and larger breweries brings a lot of interesting beers. You buy a glass and tokens when you enter and take your glass around and try the beers you want. We tried many good and interesting ones last night and will try a few more today.

Quiet holiday 2

Here are some more photos from my holiday at our summer-house at Idse. As you can see it’s a perfect place to kick back and relax.

Bonfire for mid-summer. It was a wet day, but we got the fire started in the end 

Every year on the Saturday closest to mid-summer all the people who have a summer house here, who are available, get together and have a dugnad to make the area we all use, by the boats and beach, nice. In the evening there are games for the kids and a bonfire.

There was a lot of butterflies around this year. In Norwegian butterflies are called “summer bird”

Roses in the garden

Walking on an island 

Not too far from our summer-house is a small town called Jørpeland. This is where we usually go shopping when we are on vacation. This year I decided to go for a walk on a small Island here that was just connected to the mainland by a walking bridge.

The weather wasn’t the best, but mostly it was only a slight drizzle. Luckily I had my rain gear on so I got to enjoy the nice new walking path out there.

There is an artist that makes nice tree sculptures that has made a lot of nice pieces for the park on the island.

 The nature around the island is quite nice and there is always something beautiful to look at.

Holiday to Crete part 3: Platanias 

View from a lovely restaurant at the top of Platanias

Since the stats show that people enjoy some travel posts and since I enjoy them too, I am continuing to post from my vacations.

Lovely panoramic view at the restaurant

When we stayed in Agia Marina in Crete we walked in to the town of Platanias a few evenings to have a look at the town and to enjoy some good meals. One evening we dined at a lovely panoramic restaurant at the top of a hill. And the view of the sunset was gorgeous. The food and wine was ok too.

Main street in Platanias

I visited a few little local shops and brought home some lovely products from Crete.

A treet in the middle of the road

Some of the things I found quite charming was this tree that grew in the middle of the road. The bortom was painted  white and the cars had to drive around it on a narrow road on a steep hill.

Another resturant with Orange trees as a “roof”

Fløyen, Bergen


Entrance to Fløybanen

Bergen is known for being the city between 7 Mountains. On our trip we went up to the two most famous ones. One of them is Fløyen. It has a funicular railway going up to the top. It’s an easy hike, but we didn’t have too much time and it’s quite nice to take get up in a cart. 


On Fløybanen

Once you get up there you have a lovely view of the town. The view point is 320 meters above sea level. We got lucky and didn’t have to wait to long in line to go up. Fløybanen is open all year from early morning to late at night and only takes 5-6 minutes to the top.


View from the top


Summer on Idse part 2


View from a walk

Enjoying my holiday in our summer house. The weather is very changing and we’ve had both sunshine and rain. But the temperature has been pleasant the whole time. Today the rain is pouring down. But I will still be sure to get at least one good walk in.


Sunny Evening on the Terace

I’m staying here for a few more days before I head out to visit good friends in Bergen. I’m very much looking forward to spending some time there and revisit the town I spent five years in. And a road-trip is always good fun.



Yesterday was mid-summer and we will have our celebration this Saturday with a bonfire and barbeque weather permitting. From now on the evenings will start going darker rather than brighter, but last night was the brightest  evening of the year.