Holiday and vaccine

I have a week off from work this week, so on Saturday we drove off to the summer-house to spend some days enjoying lovely weather and good company. Much swimming, some walking and great food. I will come back to you with posts from that, when the vacation is over.

Today we had to drive back in to town to wash some clothes, fix a few small things and most importantly it was finally for me to get my Pfizer vaccine! I am not really to happy about getting needles stuck in me, but I managed to get by without fainting, witch I am very happy about. I had a lovely walk to the vaccination center and back and the whole process was very professional. I guess there are some perks to being in the last group getting the shot.

Tomorrow I am getting back in to the car to drive up to Haugesund, a town just over an hour away. We went there last year for a little hotel break and it was a success so we are repeating it this year. I hope and think that we will have a great trip.

Hope you are all doing well and that you will enjoy a great weekend!

30 thoughts on “Holiday and vaccine

  1. My wife and I were lucky enough to have gotten the “one and done” J&J shot in April….California is now 70% vaccinated, and as a result masks are off in almost every store or business, inside or out…employees still wear them, but with the near 100% effectiveness, we are only seeing outbreaks among the unvaccinated, and they have no one to blame but themselves…this is a medical catastrophe, NOT a political one and its sad that we have turned it into one here…I’m glad you are getting yours now because the world reopened is much more fun!

    1. We have quite a high rate of people taking the vaccine, so things are not moving as fast as they would if people turned it down. But that is a good thing, so there is no complaints.

  2. Congrats on jab 1. Hope you have no ill effects. We found shot 2 a bit harder, but are so glad to be fully vaccinated. Enjoy your holiday break. Allan

  3. Oh, there you are! Congrats on your first Covid shot. Let us know if you feel fine or have side effects as I did. Have a great weekend! 🇳🇴

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