Food and drink at the summer-house

One of the things that I enjoy the most when I am on holiday is to enjoy some good food and drink. This time around I forgot to get too many photos of too much of the food that I ate and prepared, but here are a few of the food and drink related things that made my time at the summer house even better.

When the weather is lovely and warm, I don’t feel like eating to much heavy food, so some of the days I just got together some tapas plates to enjoy. I bought some very tasty olives and good food and some ham and had some good dishes. When we had guests I made some home made pizza as that is always a hit with both the kid and grown-ups after a day at the beach. But we ate them so fast that there is no photos of them.

When I was shopping for food to bring on our trip I stumbled upon a box of ice pops with alcohol. They were even better than expected and was very suitable for warm days. I liked the strawberry daiqury one and the Limoncello one best. For obvious reasons I did not have too many of them. Normal ice cream is also a very important part of a sunny summer holiday, so one of the first days when the ice cream van came along I ran down to make sure that we had loads of it in the freezer.

I did also bring a few bottles of wine and a couple of cold beers to enjoy, but as usual I was mostly gulping down water and coffee.

Now I am back at work, but I am allready looking forward to the next time I have a holiday. Hope you are enjoying summer.

12 thoughts on “Food and drink at the summer-house

  1. Thanks for sharing! We had some greek cheese and crackers last night with some nice wine – yes, both red and white! Summer days make for fun summer nights!

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