Rosehagen Jørpeland

When our gustes had gone home, we went in to the nearest little town close to the summer-house to do some shopping and enjoy some nice food. When we drove in it was a little overcast but still a little warm. When we got there the sun came out and it got really lovely, warm and sunny.

We walked through the town center and got some new clothes for my other half and a few little items for me and for the summer house. And then we walked down towards a wonderful cafè called Rosehagen (meaning The Rose Garden). We sat outside in the sunshine and ordered a lovely fish soup with a gratinated mashed potato topping and freshly baked bread.

It was just really great to enjoy a wonderful meal and a cold coke for me, the driver, in the lovely surroundings of a lovely rose garden and a view of the sea. The roses was in full bloom and lovely to watch. In the warm weather all I wanted to do was to sit down and relax, but there was plenty of people sitting there that had been for a mouintain hike before eating. Most of the people there was probably in with their boats cruising in the sunshine, stopping in the guest harbour and going in to enjoy some food and ice cream.

After eating lunch we walked up to the town center and got a very large ice cream with a great topping. After that we went to buy the groceries needed for the rest of the trip before we got in the car to hurry back home to do another swim in the sea and chill in the garden.

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