Haugesund part 1

At the end of our weeklong holiday, we took a trip to a small town around two hours drive from where we live. We did the same thing last year with great success and decided to go back this year. Haugesund is a good place to go in summer with many places to sit by the sea and watch the world go by.

Friday morning, I got up a bit early and packed my bag. I went for a walk down to town to pick up a book that was waiting for me in the library and to fix a few other little things. The weather was quite lovely, and it was very warm, so I felt a little over heated when I came home.

We got in the car and drove up to Haugesund so that we would get up around the time we would be allowed to check in at the hotel and well before rush hour. The weather was still stunning and after having dumped our bags at the hotel we wandered around the town.

I find the town quite cute and nice to walk around in especially in the sunshine, so we mostly stayed close to the harbor to get a gentle breeze from the sea.

We sat down for a cold drink and some food in the warm weather, but it was too warm where we sat, so after eating we had to get up and wander around to feel the breeze. And then we found a wonderful little outdoor restaurant where we had a few drinks and some lovely food.

When the sun went down it got a little cold, so we got up and slowly made our way back to the hotel and had an early night after a long, but very good day.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. What are you getting up to?

20 thoughts on “Haugesund part 1

  1. What a charming town, and gorgeous weather! Thank you for sharing this…my wife and I just got back from 5 days at the beach and are already lanningour next trip away…exploring the world is so much fun!

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