Røvær part 2

In Røvær there have been people since the Viking age. Around 1850 there was a big growth in the population in Norway and people needed to move around to find somewhere to live and work. In this area there was also great herring fishing and Røvær was a good place to settle because it had a great harbor and a short way to the fishing spots.

In 1899, the 13th october tradgedy struck the little island, and made it’s name famous in all of Norway. The island had 130 inhabitants and 30 of them died in a boating accident on their way home from the funeral.

Almost everyone lost one of their own. All of Norway collected money for them to support the widows and children. The community spirit grew strong, and they are still good at taking care of each other. Two years after the 50th anniversary a  commemoration monument was set up.

Around 1950 there was around 170 people living in Røvær, but since then the herring fishing has grown smaller. Boats were sold and many families moved and since then the population has been up and down.

There are still people living of fishing in Røvær. They have a small little shop, a hotel called Røvær Kulturhotell, Røvær sjøhus (seahouse) has a cafe in the summer and is used for camp for 6th graders in spring and autumn. They have a fish farm, a ocean center and they run a guest boat harbour. There is also some agricultural activity.

The little island has its own school that was opened in 1972 and now have 12 students from 1st to 10th grade and they have a kindergarten.

Hope you will all have a great weekend. Mine will probably be very quiet.

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