Røvær part 1

In our lovely trip to Haugesund we took a day trip out to a small island called Røvær. We got up on the Saturday and had a good breakfast and then we made our way down to the boat that would take us over.

I noticed right away that we might have overestimated the weather because I did not have as much cloths on as everyone else. And to bring swimwear and sunscreen might have been a bit optimistic. But the boat trip out was lovely all the same.

Røvær is an island group around 10 kilometers north west from Haugesund. The 1.4-square-kilometre (0.54 sq mi) Røvær islands have about one hundred permanent residents (2014). There are also quite a few people who has summer-houses out there. Røvær is also the name of the largest island in the group and the largest settlement.

When we got off the boat we went for a stroll around the island and enjoyed the lovely scenery. The weather was not the best and after a little walk the rain started, and we went back to the cafe to get out of the rain and enjoyed some food and drink.

There was so many lovely little houses and boats around the island. I really enjoy walking across the bridge across to one of the other islands. Many people had put up a lock on the bridge, we did not. Apparently, it is supposed to commemorate one’s indestructible bond, but we took our chances.

Røvær is an island where it is safe to walk around. There are no snakes, mice, or rats out there, this I greatly appreciate! The people living out there are used to helping each other and were very friendly.

My swimwear was, as suspected not used on the trip and I should have probably brought a rain jacket or umbrella instead. Seeing as the weather was so lovely the day before and it was only forecasted to be a little bit worse the next day, I overestimated the weather. But we had a good time all the same.

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